Advanced 9-1-1 Database


The Future is HERE!

Next Generation 9-1-1(?) is coming, and you (and your database) need to be prepared! But don’t worry; this course will demonstrate how to proactively improve your existing databases, while simultaneously preparing for NG9-1-1(?). Do you know the factors challenging your database quality?

What symptoms should you look for? What about wireless, VoIP, and PBX issues? What steps can you take to improve overall database effectiveness in preparation for NG9-1-1? What effect will NG9-1-1’s use of geospatial data (GIS) rather than the MSAG have? How will business rules and policies in your PSAP be affected? These are just a few of the issues that will be discussed in this newly revamped two-day course. This class is meant for those with an understanding of 9-1-1 data terminology and processes, and it is REQUIRED that those attending review and bring to class NENA Technical Standard 02-011, available at

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