Johnson Letter

Ms. Julia L. Johnson, Chairperson
State of Florida Public Service Commission
Capital Circle Office Center
2540 Shumard Oak Boulevard
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

February 9, 1999

Dear Chairperson Johnson:

After meeting with GTE on February 1, 1999, we believe that the following issues shouldbe brought to your attention:

  • GTE has indicated that they are legally unable to advise county 9-1-1 coordinators of specific resellers, CLEC’s, etc. operating within their counties.


  • GTE also advised they no longer collect 9-1-1 fee monies from any of their Alternative Local Exchange Carriers (ALECs), facilities based or resellers.


  • Without the knowledge of which ALECs (especially resellers) are active in our counties, Local 9-1-1 coordinators are unable to audit the collection of 9-1-1 fees or quality of service. Resellers may or may not be collecting 9-1-1 fees. Resellers may or may not be remitting these dollars to our County.


  • There is a potential of the 9-1-1 data base becoming contaminated with erroneous information that pertains to false data relating to the secondary vendors.


  • Data base errors can lead to incorrect or inappropriate responses. This would then leave the PSAP’s in a liable position. Additionally we pay the ILEC a monthly fee for data base information, but the accuracy of this data base has the potential for consistent decline.


I urge the Public Service Commission to intercede to insure that each county 9-1-1coordinator receives prior notification and be continually updated as to whattelecommunication companies (ILEC’s, resellers, etc.) are offering service within eachindividual county.

These issues coupled with the impact of wireless services are contributing to a seriousdegradation of the level of service we are able to deliver since the inception of E9-1-1.We feel this is a Public Safety issue.

I would appreciate a reply to this request and remain ready to assist with any furtherinformation you may need. I thank you for your support.



F. Joseph Reavy, Manager
9-1-1 Emergency Telephone Operations

cc: William A. Studer, Director of Public Safety

Barry Mogil, Pinellas County

Robert Nibarger, Sarasota County

John Schroeder, Pasco County

Sandy Mercer, Polk County

Dick Nelson, Marion County

Ron Hatton, GTE

Jim Martin, State 9-1-1 Coordinator