Florida NENA Meeting

Florida NENA Meeting
Hutchinson Island, Martin County
State Coordinators/NENA Conference
Monday, September 21, 1998


Joe Reavy – Florida NENA President

NENA Charter – Steve Latza to review. Question on definition of member. Steve needscopy of charter to begin his review.

“Food for Thought” To Do Wireless List – Mailed to each area VP for reviewwith their members. Bob Nibarger and Barbara Howard to work on final list.

Position Paper – Florida NENA 100% in favor of 9-1-1 Coordinators Wireless Legislation.We should go to Legislation as One Group.

Wireless – There are various solutions for wireless. Consider going straight to PhaseII, skipping Phase I. Also, consider wireless 9-1-1 on a separate network and otheralternative methods.

ALECs – Need a list of ALECs by area.

Get on the Internet – Recommend all members to get involved with the Internet. Use topost wireless legislation as proposed, link to Bill #. Internet addresses for coordinatorsto be kept up-to-date.


Steve Latza – Brevard County

State could be regionalized for wireless 9-1-1, similar to Major Trading Area (MTAs).Completely separate network provided by lead carriers in each MTA. Make use of mainstreamtechnology, as opposed to fitting into Tandem solution.

ALEC List – There currently is no division of ALECs in state by area. Per BruceThorburn, Lake County has ordinance requiring ALECs to remit user fee, provide coveragemaps, create database records. Ordinance can be posted on WebPage.


Jerry Brock – WEFA Vice President

Internet – Any info provided is acceptable. Some problems with formats being sent.Contents of postings need to be reviewed before being placed on WebPage. Content should beapproved by the Executive Board.

Wireless – One company requesting fees from County. County has nothing ($$) to give.Prefer money upfront to cover cost of wireless 9-1-1.


Nelson Green – NOFA Vice President

Phase II migration does not include Phase I. Support Phase II, which can or cannotinclude Phase I. Agencies should integrate Phase II solutions when purchasing Phase I.Solution still not known.

United Front on 9-1-1 legislation – particular Counties have individual concerns. AllCounties need to be satisfied.


John Schroeder – Florida NENA Treasurer

No matter what wireless solution is used: How are we going to pay for it? Wirelesscompanies have to request payment from the Board.


Barbara Howard – CEFA Vice President

8 ALECs in Orange County, 3 LECs. Companies change names without informing county. Neednotification to counties as part of ALEC procedures. Need to educate regulatory agenciesso they can set legitimate and logical rules.

Cell phones for protection only. No policies against the use of. FCC supports passingof 9-1-1 calls regardless of service, or lack of service.


Linda Draughn – SOFA Vice President

A local municipality’s attorney’s opinion of the definition of PSAP tries to createtheir own PSAP. Florida Statue 365.171 defines. Attorney should read this statue. BOCCdetermines PSAP.

Local Number Portability – A reality in Florida.


Bob Nibarger – Florida NENA Vice President

Wireless – FCC governs rules, not Public Service Commission. Maybe have state consensuson standards. To be presented during conference.