Letter To All SOFA Members


October 20, 1997


Dear SOFA Members:

I would like to takethis opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is LindaDraughn and I have been elected to fill the remainder of StanBerlinsky’s term as SOFA Vice President. For those of you who donot know me, I work for BellSouth as a Systems Designer for 911for the State of Florida. I have been working with 911 on and offsince 1981.

There are manychanges going on right now that make it both an exciting andfrustrating time to be working with 911. There are a lot ofpeople looking for answers and the answers are taking a long timein coming. Together, if we share the answers that are availableour jobs will be made a little easier but, more challenging thenin the past.

I would like to hearfrom you on what you would like to see at future SOFA meetings. Idon’t want to have meetings just for the sake of having ameeting. I want all of us to get something out of the meetings.That won’t happen without your input. These are your meetings!

As I getinformation, I will send out a mini news letter. If any of youhave information that you would like to share please send it tome. I will include any information I get in the news letter.

I would like tocommunicate with as many of you as I can by e-mail. Pleaseprovide me with your e-mail address. For those of you who havee-mail, my e-mail address is: [email protected].

I look forward toworking with all of you. Please contact me if you have anyquestions or suggestions. My telephone number is 561-640-6644.

Yours very truly,


LindaE. Draughn
SOFA Vice President