Future Path Plan – Compliance Reviews

Compliance means that the concept, as presented to the review committee, sufficiently meets the evaluation criteria to garner a passing grade.

Compliance does not constitute NENA’s endorsement of any product, nor does it guarantee the product will work as advertised or ever be a viable product or service. It means that the concept, as presented, meets FPP criteria.

2009 Compliance Reviews

  • Remote Conference Calling (aka Remote 3-Way Calling) – COMPLIANT
    Maintains full 9-1-1 reliability for ACN calls by dialing 9-1-1 directly from the vehicle (as for any other 9-1-1 call) to contact the local PSAP.  As a result: call path is shortest and most direct possible; routing is determined by the local 9-1-1 authorities, as are all other direct 9-1-1 calls; inherent advantages of the 911 systems are automatically incorporated into the process, including Phase I and/or II; and natural 9-1-1 evolution is built-in.
  • ACN Communications using TTY – COMPLIANT
    ACN/TTY uses network and PSAP systems already in place and operating.  Consequently, it maintains the reliability inherent in present E9-1-1 system design. ACN/TTY improves on service characteristics, because no other means exist today for communicating data ubiquitously throughout the nation between an ACN equipped vehicle and a PSAP.

2008 Compliance Reviews

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