Re: 9-1-1 used for other than emergent calls?


Re: 9-1-1 used for other than emergent calls?

From: Lynn.Casey
Date: 07 May 1997
Time: 21:24:04
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Bob, I’m a supervisor at the Metro Nashville PoliceDepartment’s Communications Division. We are also the PSAP forthe whole county.We do not promote the non-emergency use of9-1-1. We have a seven digit non-emergency number. We arecurrently doing a media blitz promoting the use of thisnon-emergency number. It in effect also is an education programon the proper use of 9-1-1. we also have a program being used inthe schools to educate childred on the proper use of 9-1-1…it’son a dinasaur called “Rescue Rex”. Our department islooking into 3-1-1. I think it is a strong possibility that wewill try that. I think a lot odepends on how busy your center is.We are averaging around 100,000 calls a month into our center. Ihope this helped some. Feel free to contact me further at[email protected]