Re: 9-1-1 used for other than emergent calls?


Re: 9-1-1 used for other than emergent calls?

From: Kevin D. Biesecker, Dispatcher, Adams co. PA
Date: 07 May 1997
Time: 22:00:46
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Bob, Our center does not promote the use of 911 fornon-emergency call. We use four seven digit lines for public useto access us for non-emergency problems. Like….. I found thisdog…or Do I have a warrant out for my arrest? We also havethree PD and FD only numbers for getting complaintant info or runtimes. This seems to relieve alot of congestion on our 911trunks. I can tell you what it is like to be next to a countythat uses 911 for everything, annoying! The neighboring countysystem will dump calls to use when their system is full. Mostcalls are very non-emergency in nature so these we give the sevendigit number into their center. For emergencies, we have onedirect line that we can transfer a call to them so any othercalls that we recieve while the direct line is in use, we dealwith then dump the info to them when the line is free. They alsouse cellular 911 for their PD to call them. If they are too closeto our towers, we get the call. Normaly I will take 2-3 of thesetype of calls during an eight hour shift. We also have troublewith their officers needing to talk to someone in our county,droping a bus. card in the door telling them to call 911 to getin touch with the officer. This means we get the call and have tofigure out which PD the person wants. We then give them theirseven digit number for contact. If they decide to go to 311 wewill still have this problem because it is clear that they do notteach their PD nor FD how thier system works. Overall, I do notpersonaly think that 311 is the answer. I feel it would becheaper to make the last four digits of a number the same throughout the country. Say we all used 334-9999, 677-9999, or 555-9999.It would take longer to set the system in place but no expensiveswitching systems would be needed. Hope this has been some help.