Dispatcher stress/ Support/ Interdepartmental Issues


Dispatcher stress/ Support/ Interdepartmental Issues

From: K. Bergener, Mediator
Date: 17 May 1997
Time: 21:01:43
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I am working with a safety department, principally to improvethe morale of its dispatchers. It appears that a number of thingsare contributing to their generally low morale. Among them arepoor communications between fire, police, and dispatch onexpectations, insufficient superivisory support, a work room thathas some sensory-deprivation aspects, isolation, and inability toobtain closure on incidents. I am preparing to make a number ofsuggestions, including direct contact with the critical incidentdebriefing service to acquaint the dispatchers with what isavailable, and focus groups of rank and file police and firepersonnel with dispatchers to clarify expectations and capacityto meet them. If anyone has ideas on doing such inter-group work,please let me know. You can respond directly to[email protected].