Residence Locations


Residence Locations

From: G. Scott Mills, Sandia National Labs., NM
Date: 27 May 1997
Time: 14:39:43
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I am working on a project that requires more pre- ciselocation of population along highways than the US Census dataprovide in rural areas. I have found a county in New Mexico and agroup of coun- ties in the Houston, TX area for which the coor-dinates of residences have been tabulated. In order to get a morecomprehensive set of data, I am seeking other entities who mighthave such data. The NM data were gathered for the county 911 sys-tem so I thought others here might be able to help.

If you have such data, please contact me at

(505)844-1947 or [email protected]

to discuss availability and cost. Also, any leads topotential sources would be very helpful.