Re: Finding and Keeping Good Dispatchers


Re: Finding and Keeping Good Dispatchers

From: Lynn Casey, Nashville,Tn Police CommunicationsDiv. [email protected]
Date: 19 Jun 1997
Time: 17:57:09
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We are also experiencing this same problem. We continually trydifferent approaches to try and solve this problem. How can youexpect someone to stick with a job that has become so technicaland the work load so unbearable? They can go to the local fastfood joint and make almost as much money and not have all thehassles of what a calltakers or dispatcher’s jobs entail. Itseems to be harder and harder to find qualified applicants thatcan pass all the pre-hiring testing, much less that will stickout the training period. If anybody has any suggestions on how tofind some kind of resolution to this problem, we too would behighly interested!