9-1-1 Quality Assurance


9-1-1 Quality Assurance

From: Monty Jenkins, Q.E.M.S., Inc.
Date: 10 Jul 1997
Time: 17:33:32
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9-1-1 Quality Assurance/Improvement. Quality EnhancedManagement Systems, Inc. provides consulting services andsoftware for emergency dispatch centers. The primary focus of thecompany has been the development of a standards based, customized9-1-1 quality assurance program. This program has been “RealWorld” tested and proven to enhance and improve emergencyservices in a fair and objective environment. With the growingpublic interest and scrutiny of 9-1-1 centers, thetelecommunicator and the dispatch center has rapidly become afocal point for needing to demonstrate their abilities to meetboth factual as well as perceived operational effectiveness.Quality Assurance for Emergeny Services (Q.A.E.S.), the softwaretitle, provides the assistance to assure the dispatch centers andtelecommunicators meet these expectations. Q.A.E.S. will utilizeyour existing CAD data and provides you with both qualityassurance and operational reports regarding the dispatch centerand the services you dispatch. Demonstration software isavailable for Mac OS, Win3.1, Win95 & WinNT. Visit out website for additional information or email direct. “Solutionsfor Today that Benefit Tomorrow”


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