Transmission standards


Transmission standards

From: Brooks Fiber
Date: 05 Sep 1997
Time: 18:04:31
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There needs be a standard for recieving error reports.Currently everbody is doing it differently and some are not doingit at all. Faxes are unaccpectable because they can not easly beloaded into a database. We also need a way to track a file afterit has been sent. Once you send a file there should beconfirmation that the other party recieved it and the size andnumber of records are the same as you sent,not the next day butright after you send the file. We have had many troubles sendingfiles that would could easly be forseen if we had thesestandards. Another thing is Kermit and zmodem file transfers arejunk. We a large company that has to transmit large files dailyand this method just is not working. Either there is busy signalon thier end or your large file ends up timeing out, these filetransfer protocols where not designed for long transmissions. Weneed get a standard together for NDM or EDI and get rid of thisPC junk. Ya it’s fine for small stuff, but when you have a largefiles it can take 7 to 10 hours to transmit. Unaccecptable!