Re: Recordings answering 911 lines


Re: Recordings answering 911 lines

From: Paul Lane, 911 Dispatcher St. Johns, NewfoundlandCanadaAncfld. CanadaOhjo
Date: 26 Nov 1997
Time: 20:20:33
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We do not have a recording answering our 911 lines and I hopeI never see the day when this is the case. As Linda Hoxie stated,the first few seconds of a call are often the most crucial and toeliminate the call taker from the initial call is, in my opinion,taking an unnecessary risk with someones life. I feel that it isour responsibility as 911 professionals to remind ” thepowers that be ” at every appropriate opportunity that weare in the business of saving lives, not money. Also, I amcurious to know how the public has reacted to this system. I amquite confident in saying that the general public which I servewouldn’t stand for it.