March 4, 1999

The General Membership Meeting of the INENA was called to orderby Treasurer, Mike Midiri at 10:40 A.M., at the Springfield Training Academy inSpringfield, IL.

Officers Present: Richard Jones (Vice President), Michael Midiri, Jr.(Treasurer) Vickie Leibach (Secretary), Douglas Edmonds (Region 1, Vice President), DavidTuttle (Region 4, Vice President), David Thomas (Region 5, Vice President), Kathy Monken(Region 6, Vice President), Scott Sylvester (Region 7, Vice President), and Jeff Rodrigues(Region 8, Vice President).

Officers Absent: David C. Whipple (President), Norman H. Forshee (NENA 2ndVice President), Ron Bonneau (NENA Regional Vice President), Jerry Bleck (Region 2, VicePresident), and Sandy Beitel (Region 3, Vice President)

Installation of INENA 1999 Officers: Rich Tuma conducted the swearing-inceremony of the 1999 Officers that were present.

Approval of INENA Minutes: The motion for approval of the INENA GeneralMembership minutes dated January 7, 1999 was made by Gregg Riddle and seconded by KathyMonken. Jeff Rodrigues requested the word “and” be inserted betweennon-emergency and 3-1-1 on his report. Also, Scott Sylvester’s report should reflectRegion 7 and Jeff Rodrigues’ report reflect Region 8. The motion passed unanimouslyas amended.

Approval of INENA Treasurer’s Report: Michael Midiri, Jr., informed themembership of the following account balances; INENA General Fund – $21,262.62 and theINENA Educational Fund – $5,843.41. Michael Midiri advised the membership of oneoutstanding check to be received from Southwestern Bell for the amount of $2,000. Themotion for approval of the treasurer’s report was made by Richard Tuma and secondedby Gregg Riddle. The motion passed unanimously.

President’s Report (David Whipple): No Report

NENA 2nd Vice President (Norm Forshee): No Report

NENA Regional Vice President (Ron Bonneau): No Report

Secretary’s Report (Vickie Leibach): No Report

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Regional Vice President’s Report:

Region 1 (Doug Edmonds) No Report

Region 2 (Jerry Bleck) Absent

Region 3 (Sandy Beitel) Absent

Region 4 (David Tuttle) No Report

Region 5 ( David Thomas) No Report

Region 6 (Kathy Monken) Region 6 will host a Liabilities Issues class instructed byJohn Kelly on March 16, 1999 from 9:30-12:30.

Region 7 (Scott Sylvester) No Report

Region 8 (Jeff Rodrigues) No Report

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Technologies (Richard Jones): Richard Jones advised the membership of theTechnical Development Conference held February 28th – March 3, 1999 inOrlando, Florida. Registration for the conference almost reached 500. Several issues werediscussed and displayed at the conference included car alarms such as On-Star, which arenow being installed in less expense models of vehicles and personal alarms that areremoved from the vehicle and carried with you. Another issue examined involved telephonesin computers hooked up to possibly a corporate office in another city. When dialing 9-1-1from the computer it would ring into the corporate office city’s 9-1-1 center insteadof the 9-1-1 center of the city where the user was located.

Legislation Committee (Norm Forshee): Gregg Riddle informed the membershipHouse Bill 1383 relating to wireless 9-1-1, passed out of the Public Utilities Committeeon March 2, 1999. It will go the floor of the House for its second reading soon. Werequest the membership to contact their local House of Representative member, speak themdirectly, and ask if they will support the House Bill 1383. Anyone north of I-80 contactGregg Riddle and anyone south of I-80 contact Norm Forshee with their responses. We wouldlike to see both the House Bill 1383 and its copy, Senate Bill 1000 move through bothhouses at the same time. Senate Bill 1000 is still in committee, so focus is on the Houseof Representatives.

Conference Committee (Kathy Monken): Kathy Monken reported the 1999 Conferencedates are October 24-27, 1999 and the 2000 Conference dates are October 22-25, 2000. Theconference theme this year will be a “New Years Eve Gala Affair”. Conferencespeaker information should be forwarded to Gregg Riddle and vendors should contact DavidTuttle or Jerry Bleck. The membership was encouraged to contact Kathy Monken if theywished to assist in any conference duties.

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Records Committee (Doug Edmonds): No Report

Awards Committee (Jerry Bleck): No Report

Historical Committee (Mike Moos): Mike Moos advised there had not been a lot ofactivity lately with the committee, however he will be submitting a contract for theExecutive Board to review. The membership was asked to pass along any historicalinformation to the Committee.

Nomination Committee (Norm Forshee): No Report


Illinois Commerce Commission (Marci Schroll):

Marci Schroll reported the Illinois Commerce Commission’s annual report from all9-1-1 systems was due back on January 31st. They request everyone to respond,even though it is late. Under the executive director’s signature, all 9-1-1 systemswere asked to report on their Y2K status. Out of 200 9-1-1 systems in the state, only 33systems replied. Marci Schroll advised National NENA has requested our information on theY2K status results. The Illinois Commerce Commission has been following several billsrelating to 9-1-1 legislation. House Bill 1383 introduced by Representative Black andSenate Bill 1000 introduced by Senator Maitland both regarding wireless 9-1-1 legislation.House Bill 2110 amends the election code to update records when 9-1-1 systems go on-line.The mechanism for this process was not indicated and the law is very vague. Senate Bill149 sponsored by Senator Watson repeals the business switch section of the EmergencyTelephone System Act. House Bill 207 is intended to create a non-emergency database withthe emergency database. This bill has been sent back to the sub-committee. Senate Bill 930extends the PS/ALI effective date to the year 2000, it past the legislature on January 12,1999, still pending the governor’s signature. House Bill 1747 amends the EmergencyTelephone System Act requiring dispatchers to be certified by the National Academy ofEmergency Medical Dispatch. There is a hearing concerning this legislation today at 3:30P.M. Rich Tuma advised everyone represented at the hearing yesterday was in opposition tothis bill and the APCO membership voted to oppose this legislation. Gregg Riddle reportedRepresentative Burke sponsored the bill.

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Illinois Telecommunications Association (Carol Wagner): No Report

Law Enforcement Training/Standards Board (Mike Moos): Mike Moos passed out anews letter to the membership. Mike reported eight grant requests for EMD training hadbeen received and funding was allocated for seven out of the eight. Applications for EMDtraining must be completed and approved in order to obtain funding. This grant period endsJune 30, 1999; the new grant period begins July 1, 1999.


Local Number Portability (Richard Jones): Richard Jones asked the membership toreport any problems with local number portability to him so these items can be tracked.Richard encouraged the membership to register for IVR on the Internet at www.numberpool.com. Any public safetyagency can register and after that is complete, you can obtain carrier information on anyported or pooled telephone numbers. Currently the call to IVR is toll free, however in thefuture this could change to a long-distance number. You can also access their web page at www.nanpa.com. LNP is now ported onlywithin a rate center, but rate centers have expanded. You need to contact your 9-1-1service provider and request your rate center information. Richard attended a nationalmeeting on IVR, February 4, 1998 in Tampa, Florida. Wireless LNP deadline of March 2000has been extended to November 24, 2002.

Part 757 Reopening (Marci Schroll): Marci Schroll advised the final draft ofPart 725 is being reviewed by the legal department and should be on the I.C.C. web sitewithin a couple of weeks.

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Richard Jones reported the federal bill concerning wireless 9-1-1 passed the House.This bill provides wireless liability protection. The House removed the PSAP liabilityprotection portion. The entire public safety community will support this legislation inthe Senate, if the PSAP liability is included. This legislation also establishes 9-1-1 asthe national emergency number for wireless.


Rich Tuma advised that APCO would be sponsoring a continuing education class on April13, 1999 at the Elk Grove Administration Building.

Debbie Hoover of the Illinois Department of Public Health expressed their appreciationto everyone who responded to their survey. Any agency experiencing difficulties with theirEMS system, should contact Debbie Hoover. The Illinois Department of Public Health istaking a strong stand and opposing House Bill 1747 regarding EMD training.

ADJOURNMENT: The motion to adjourn was made by Gregg Riddle and seconded byMike Moos. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 12:00 P.M.

The next INENA General Membership Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 6, 1999 at10:30 A.M., at the Springfield Training Academy, 3501 Color Plant Road, Springfield,Illinois.

INENA Minutes are on the INTERNET at the following address: www.nena9-1-1.org/inena

March 4, 1999 Attendance Sheet

Don Carson Marshall County 9-1-1
Bob Currier SCC Communications
Georgeann Dahm Winnebago County E 9-1-1
Charlene Davis Ameritech 9-1-1
Stacy DePorter Rock Island County
Michele Dodson City of Springfield
Doug Edmonds Northwest Central 9-1-1
Jim Gray Marshall County 9-1-1
Debbie Hoover IDPH – Division of EMS & HS
Jean Jamison Ameritech Resolution Center
Anne Johnson Winnebago County E 9-1-1
Richard Jones Loves Park Police Dept.
John Kelly INENA Attorney
Susan Ladore Schaumburg Police Dept.
Bob Leefers GTE 9-1-1
Vickie Leibach Peoria County ETSB
Michael A. Midir City of Springfield
Doug Miller Bureau County E 9-1-1
Kathy L. Monken St. Clair County ETSB
Mike Moos Police Training Board
Richard G Nore Chicago 9-1-1
Sherrill Ornberg Des Plaines – Park Ridge
James O’Toole Rosemont Police Dept.
Tammy Peterson Kankakee County ETSB
Gregg Riddle Elk Grove Fire Dept.
Jeff Rodrigues Chicago 9-1-1
Jeff Romano Warren County E 9-1-1
Dan Sanner Macon County ETSB
Fred Scholpp Schaumburg Fire Dept.
Marci  Schroll Illinois Commerce Commission
John Skain Clinton County 9-1-1
Barbara Smallwood Ameritech Resolution Center
Scott Sylvester Jackson County 9-1-1
Sharon Tedrow Quincy/Adams County 9-1-1
Richard Tuma RED Center
David Tuttle Peoria County ETSB
Gene Valentine Ameritech 9-1-1 Operations
Jim VanOpdorp Henry County 9-1-1