MAY 1, 1997

The General Membership Meeting of the members of .INENA was called to order byPresident Norman H. Forshee at 10:35 a.m. at the Bloomington City Hall in Bloomington, IL.

OFFICER’S PRESENT: Norman Forshee (INENA President), David Whipple (VicePresident), Charlene Davis (Secretary), Jerry Bleck (Vice President, Region 2), RichardJones (Vice President, Region 3), David Tuttle (Vice President, Region 4), Shirley Schable(Vice President, Region 5) and Victoria Cerinich (Vice President, Region 8)

OFFICER’S ABSENT: Mike Midire (Treasurer), Douglas Edmonds (Vice President,Region 1), Becky Jungmann (Vice President, Region 6), Scott Sylvester (Vice President,Region 7)

APPROVAL OF MINUTES : The following correction to the March 6, 1997 minutes was,Jerry Bleck was reported as being absent from the meeting, he was not.

The motion was made by Rich Tuma and seconded by Greg Riddle to approve the minuteswith the above noted correction. The motion passed unanimously.


President Forshee informed the membership of an article involving the implementation of3-1-1 . The article stated that Baltimore, MD has already exhausted all of theirovertime funds for telecommunicators, their totals for emergency and non-emergency callshas increased and 3-1-1 and 9-1-1 calls are being answered by the same personnel. Based onthese statistics, until the system is further refined, 3-1-1 may not be the solution.

President Forshee asked that the ITA( sub-committee chairperson and/or E9-1-1

Operations (Gene Valentine, Manager), discuss and consider making a presentation to themembership on how 3-1-1 service would be implemented here in Illinois. It appears from allcurrent documentation that should a 9-1-1 PSAP ask for this service it must be provided.Selective Routing is not available with this service at this writing.

VICE PRESIDENT (David Whipple) : David deferred his report until CommitteeReports are presented.

SECRETARY’S REPORT (Charlene Davis) : No Report

TREASURER’S REPORT : President Forshee provided the Treasurer’s Report for MikeMidiri. The INENA current balance is $17,642.08. The motion to approve the Treasurer’sreport was made by Victoria Cerinich and seconded by Steve Thompson. The motion passedunanimously.

The Educational Fund has been established and $4000.00 will be transferred from theINENA treasury to this fund. Once this transfer takes place the INENA balance will be $13,890.23 At this time, Will, St. Clair County and Northwest Central Dispatch ETSB’s havegiven approval to contribute to this fund.

President Forshee stressed this fund is not intended to hire a lobbyist, but rather toeducate all of our legislators on issues that relate to “wireless”, as well asother 9-1-1 changes that will impact the citizens of the State of Illinois.

David Whipple asked for and received, a positive opinion from the Madison CountyState’s Attorney regarding the issue of contributing to this fund. The opinion isavailable to anyone by contacting David Whipple.

NORTH CENTRAL REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT (Ron Bonneau) : Ron informed themembership he hosted his third conference call with the Regional Presidents.

There was discussion on the Regional Scholarship. The recipient is chosen by thePresidents. This year the recipient will be Melissa Fortner from Scott County, In.

Ron also provided a response to a question asked by President Forshee regardingliability for database (as it relates to the NTIA grant for PSAP boundaries). The questionwas referred to the Executive Board and to Nationals’ legal counsel. An opinion has beenwritten and will be distributed in the presidents minutes. President Forshee will beforwarding the opinion on to John Kelly for his review and opinion.

Ron also reported he had received a great deal of feedback on the TELCO/VENDORconference this year. Ron would like to hear more comments from those who attended. Thetelephone companies and vendors greatly appreciated the PSAP input /perspective theyreceived.


Region 1 (Douglas Edmonds) No Report


Region 2 (Jerry Bleck) Jerry know your current fax number if you wish to be included inany wireless information or documentation he might obtain within the next few weeks.

Region 3 (Rick Jones) Rick stated he is still attempting to schedule a wirelessinformational meeting with his region.

Region 4 (David Tuttle) No Report

Region 5 (Shirley Schable) No Report

Region 6 (Becky Jungmann) No Report

Region 7 (Scott Sylvester) No Report

Region 8 (Victoria Cerinich) No Report


TECHNICAL COMMITTEE (Harland Hector) : Harland deferred to Rick Jones later onthe agenda.

LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE (David Whipple) : David extended a “thank you”for the support provided by Larry Nelson (Kendall County), Greg Riddle, Steve Seiver (RockIsland County), Patrick Bond (DuPage) and President Norm Forhsee (St. Clair County). Thebill has moved further than it has ever gone before.

David informed the membership House Bill 646 was passed to the Senate to includelanguage from the amended House Bill 617. This will become the vehicle to providenecessary language (land lines vs. wireless) needed by the “wireless providers”and the surcharge amount. This bill will be reviewed by a committee will requiretestimony. Hopefully, it will then be passed from the Senate back to the House ofRepresentatives for committee approval and then onto the Governor for his signature. Davidstated all of this must be done within four (4) weeks.

David stressed the importance for all members to write their Senators urging them tosupport this bill.

President Forshee advised the membership the Kane County Sheriff provided outstandingtestimony at the last hearing.

John Kelly presented a document to the membership providing information showingpossible problems in the use of Emergency Telephone System surcharge funds to subsidizewireless 9-1-1 as is currently being done by many of the PSAP’s today

President Forshee stated the State Police supported the legislation when theirtestimony was submitted. The State Police also stated the importance of “teamwork” with regard to the passage of this legislation.

CONFERENCE COMMITTEE (Kathy Monken) : Kathy deferred her comments until thecommittee meeting to be held after the General Meeting.

Kathy advised the membership that volunteers are still needed for many functions at theconference.

Greg Riddle asked the membership to feel free to provide input on topics or ideas theymight have heard at the APCO or TELCO/Vendor conference including speakers.

Rich Tuma and Greg Riddle informed the membership that many of the vendors they talkedwith commented the Illinois Annual Conference is considered to be the best in the nation!

RECORDS COMMITTEE (Doug Edmonds) : No Report

AWARDS COMMITTEE (Jerry Bleck) : No Report

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE (Richard Tuma) : Rich stated there are seats available.Please contact Richard Tuma if you are interested or would like to submit a nominee.

QUALITY CONTROL COMMITTEE (Scott Sylvester) : No Report


ILLINOIS COMMERCE COMMISSION (Deb Prather) : Deb informed the membership that 2(two) Orders to Operate were granted by the Commission in April to Cole and Piatt County.

Galatin County is scheduled to convert to Enhanced 9-1-1 on May 2, 1997.

Deb advised the membership the ITA (Illinois Telephone Association) filed a petitionfor a Docket regarding Intra Lata circuits for 9-1-1. A plan was presented and approved bythe Illinois Commerce Commission last year instructing all telephone companies to designan arrangement for billing and compensation for toll services. When this plan becameeffective last year there was a provision to “grandfather” the 9-1-1 PrimaryToll Carrier portion of the plan for 1 (one) year. This delay would allow the telephonecompanies time to develop a long term plan for the 9-1-1 portion of this docket. The planwas filed April 1, 1997. The I.C.C. intends to have a status hearing in the near future.It is anticipated there will be at least 1 (one) workshop scheduled on this topic. If moreare required they will be addressed. This plan may have an impact on the billing youreceive for your 9-1-1 system.

Deb informed the membership the Department of Justice is conducting audits on theavailability of TTY’s /TTD’s. The audit determines if the devices are being used and ifall personnel answering 9-1-1 calls are familiar with the devices.

ILLINOIS COMMERCE COMMISSION (Cont’d) : The commission has received a call fromthe Justice Department questioning what the current rules are. The commission is currentlyworking with them to ensure the I.C.C. is meeting their expectations and are in compliancewith the Federal requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. To datethe commission is aware audits have been conducted with the City of Chicago, DuPage andKendall County. The I.C.C. has been asked to provide a list of all of the Illinois PSAP’sto the Dept. Of Justice. The commission has complied with this request.

Deb suggested all PSAP’s should test the devices to ensure they are in working orderand that all personnel are familiar with using the appropriate device.

ILLINOIS TELECOMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION (Carolyn Maddox) : Carolyn Maddoxreported to the membership for ITA subcommittee chairperson, Ron Bloom.

The Illinois Telephone Association has changed their name to IllinoisTelecommunications Association. This name change recognizes the ALEC’s or CLEC’s thatare now part of this association.

Carolyn informed the membership the Chicago portion of Sprint has been sold toAmeritech.

Carolyn stated the association has been extremely busy working on the Primary TollCarrier Compliance document and the reopening of Part 725. The ITA agrees the reopeningshould be on a limited basis.

President Forshee stated he has discussed with Ron Bloom the possibility of issuing ajoint request on limited subjects in Part 725. Wireless could be one of the topics, if thelegislation passes.

PLANNING COMMISSION (Mike Moos) : Mike stated there has been some EmergencyMedical dispatch training utilizing Federal Grants applied for by the Planning Commission.Effective July 1, 1997 there will still be funds available and they will receiveapproximately $10,000 more. This means there will be funds for EMD and other lawenforcement safety programs. If you are interested, start working with your area ProjectManagement Directors and expressing your needs. There are also Hazardous Material TrainingFunds available for full and condensed training.


Motorola (Jeff Moynahan) : No Report

Ameritech (Gene Valentine) : Mr. Valentine advised the membership Ameritech haslaunched it’s 9-1-Ameritech web site. The web site address is www.ameritech.com/products/911,no hyphens and all in lower case.

There will be a general section for the end user community and a customer specificsection which is password protected. This site also has links to the INENA , NENA , APCOand the CPE vendors in the Ameritech region. Links will be added as the needed orexpressed. Mr. Valentine stated there will also be a link to the Local Number Portabilityweb page.

Mr. Valentine also stated that on April 8, 1997 Ameritech entered into an agreement topurchase properties in northern Illinois, namely Park Ridge and Des Plaines. The 9-1-1Operations Group is in the process of assessing how to easily transition this acquisition.There are a number of systems in the area that will experience a minor impact from thispurchase. Ameritech will be scheduling meetings with those customer. The final approvalhas not taken place yet. The date will be announced at a later meeting.


Attorney Kelly provided follow-up information on ADA compliance. If an inspection isconducted at your site you will receive a consent order urging you to sign and return it.Attorney Kelly urges you not to sign this letter until you have talked with your attorney.You are signing a judgment against you to cooperate with them.

John stated he has sent a letter to Ameritech Enhanced Business Services, VicePresident Brian Gilomen, at the boards direction, regarding the 1% uncollectiblecollection. John has received correspondence back from Louise Sunderland , who will haveresponsibility for setting a meeting date in the Springfield area to discuss this matter.

John stated he and Ron Bonneau have drafted an article for the NENA news regardingHarrell vs. Chicago Heights, IL. The article is expected to be in the June issue.

John distributed a synopsis of the F.C.C Report and Order on wireless. The legislationis difficult to review. This is not a substitute for reading the report but rather,avehicle to provide a basic understanding of the report.

John also provided information on the application of the Illinois Public LaborRelations Act for 9-1-1 centers. The 9-1-1 centers have previously been exempt from thisact based on the fact most centers do not have 35 employees. Effective April 24, theSecond District Appellate Court has changed the rules (based on Quad Comm Vs the IllinoisLabor Relations Board) to state the 35 employee limit no longer applies to 9-1-1 centers.These centers are not units of local government, therefore, they do not have to employ 35or more people. Therefore, negotiations must take place with 9-1-1 center employees.

John also provided information concerning the applicability of the

Emergency Telephone Systems Act to wireless. The strict reading of this act appears toexcludes wireless communications from the coverage of this act. In Section 212.C of theact it specifically exclude “cellular or other mobile communications” from thedefinition of telecommunications carrier within the act. The first question is whether ornot surcharge funds, collected from land line customers are available for centers to useto service wireless customers if in fact, wireless is excluded from the act.? The secondquestion is, whether or not the centers liability coverage. The courts have been unanimousin saying the only protection 9-1-1 centers have from liability is the language in Section15.1 of the Emergency Telephone System Act.

John has stressed the urgency to get an opinion from the Attorney Generals Office.


There will be a Local Number Portability Workshop meeting May, 20, 1997 in Chicago, IL.

There are 2 (two) Area Code splits tentatively scheduled. Area Code “847” isscheduled for early 1998 followed by area code “630”.

The Local Number Portability meeting scheduled for May 5, 1997 will hopefully be themeeting in which the final draft is approved. Testing of this service will begin July 24,1997 with a tentative on-line date of September 29, 1997. Local Number Portability willstart in the St. Louis area in early ’98.


No New Business was discussed.

PROGRAM: NENA President John Ellison

The motion to adjourn was made by Jerry Bleck and seconded by Rich Tuma. The motionpassed unanimously and the meeting was adjourned at 12:43p.m.


The next INENA General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 10, 1997 at 10:30a.m. at the Bloomington Public Library , 205 East Olive Street, Bloomington, IL.