May 3, 2001

May 3, 2001

President Michael A. Midiri called the General Membership Meeting of INENA to order at 10:37 A.M. at the Bloomington/Normal Holiday Inn in Bloomington, Illinois.

Michael Midiri (President), David Tuttle (Vice President), Vickie Leibach (Secretary), Scott Sylvester (Treasurer), Douglas Edmonds (Region 1, Vice President), Jerry Bleck (Region 2, Vice President), Richard Gragert (Region 4, Vice President), Marci Schroll (Region 5, Vice President), Kathy Monken (Region 6, Vice President), Ken Smith (Region 7, Vice President), and Jeff Rodrigues (Region 8, Vice President).

Sandy Beitel (Region 3, Vice President).

APPROVAL OF INENA MINUTES: The motion was made by David Whipple and seconded by Rich Tuma to approve the INENA Annual Membership minutes dated March 1, 2001. The motion passed unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT (Scott Sylvester): Scott Sylvester advised the membership of the following INENA account balances: General fund $48,591.98; Education fund $2,279.22; Certificate of Deposits $23,297.33. A motion was made by Ron Bonneau and seconded by Kathy Monken to approve the treasurer’s report. The motion passed unanimously.

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT (David Tuttle): No Report

SECRETARY’S REPORT (Vickie Leibach): No report.

Region 1 (Doug Edmonds) No Report
Region 2 (Jerry Bleck) No Report
Region 3 (Sandy Beitel) Absent
Region 4 (Richard Gragert) No Report
Region 5 (Marci Schroll) A Region 5 meeting was held on March 28th, the next meeting will be scheduled for the end of May.
Region 6 (Kathy Monken) No Report
Region 7 (Ken Smith) A Region 7 meeting is scheduled for May 15th and an EMD Class is scheduled for July 12th – 13th.
Region 8 (Jeff Rodrigues) No Report

OFFICER’S NOMINATIONS (DAVID WHIPPLE): David Whipple opened the floor for nominations to the INENA Officers positions for the year 2001-2002. Nomination of Bobette Benson for secretary was made by David Tuttle and seconded by Richard Gragert. Rich Tuma made nomination of Mike Midiri for president. David Whipple asked three times for any other nominations. A motion to close the nominations was made by Rich Tuma and seconded by Richard Gragert. The motion passed unanimously.

NENA REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT (RON BONNEAU): Ron Bonneau advised Bill Hinkle presented Project 38 to the National NENA Board. NENA has endorsed the project and believes it is in the best interest of public safety. National NENA officers have held discussions with the US Department of Transportation regarding automatic collision notification issues. NENA has arranged a special NASA tour for attendees of the National Conference. This information is posted on the web site. Attendance is limited to 90 persons with first come, first serve basis.

NENA PRESIDENT (NORM FORSHEE): Norm Forshee reported APCO and NENA representatives have been working together on our reply to the AT&T wireless waiver request, which is due May 7th. The position is for no waiver to be issued, and a best effort to be asserted for Phase 2.

During a Region 3 meeting last week, attendees who are mostly comprised of rural jurisdictions, expressed their desire to see this organization consider taking a lead role in pursuing options for the knox box requirements in the state. Some of the internal components of the box are becoming obsolete and repairs are becoming increasingly more difficult.

President Midiri advised National NENA requested our chapter to participate in a 9-1-1 Hero program for the National Conference. The winner will be offered a free trip to the national conference. Anyone with nominations should contact an INENA Officer. President Midiri also advised the membership to wear their “founding chapter” INENA shirts on Monday, June 25th, at the National Conference in Orlando.

Gregg Riddle asked for conference suggestions from the membership.

PROGRAM TOPIC: “Third Party Provider Panel Discussion” by Norm Forshee, Roger Hixson, and Bob Currier

The motion to adjourn was made by Rich Tuma and seconded by T. G. Mieure. The motion passed unanimously. Meeting was adjourned.