May 6, 1999

The General Membership Meeting of the INENA was called to orderby President David C. Whipple, at 10:35 A.M., at the Springfield Training Academy inSpringfield, IL.

Officers Present: David C. Whipple (President), Richard Jones (Vice President),Michael Midiri, Jr. (Treasurer) Vickie Leibach (Secretary), Douglas Edmonds (Region 1,Vice President), Jerry Bleck (Region 2, Vice President), Sandy Beitel (Region 3, VicePresident), David Tuttle (Region 4, Vice President), David Thomas (Region 5, VicePresident), Kathy Monken (Region 6, Vice President), and Scott Sylvester (Region 7, VicePresident).

Officers Absent: Jeff Rodrigues (Region 8, Vice President), Norman H. Forshee(NENA 2nd Vice President), and Ron Bonneau (NENA Regional Vice President).

Approval of INENA Minutes: The motion for approval of the INENA GeneralMembership minutes dated March 4, 1999 was made by Richard Tuma and seconded by Mike Moos.The motion passed unanimously.

Approval of INENA Treasurer’s Report: Michael Midiri, Jr., informed themembership of the following account balances; INENA General Fund – $37,643.71 and theINENA Educational Fund – $5,843.41. The motion for approval of the treasurer’s reportwas made by Richard Tuma and seconded by Mike Moos. The motion passed unanimously. ScottSylvester asked if the donation from Southwestern Bell had been received and Mike Midiriadvised it had not. John Kelly advised he had investigated INENA’s legal status atthe request of President Whipple. This search revealed INENA to be a duly organizednot-for-profit corporation, with valid corporate status in the state of Illinois, and afederal tax number. As such, we are not limited to the amount of money within ourtreasury, only what it is used for. We are required to use it for the purposes of INENA.We can invest in Certificates of Deposit, Treasury Bills, etcetera, to earn more money.Regarding the sales tax status, we are currently not exempt. We can apply by filing anapplication for sales tax exemption through the Illinois Department of Revenue. We arestill investigating whether or not we are required to pay sales tax on the merchandisesold at the conferences. There is a possibility we would not have to pay, due to the fact;the majority of merchandise was sold to our members. However, we should be filing a taxreturn as a not-for-profit organization. Gregg Riddle advised contacting Richard Bauer,APCO Treasurer, regarding the tax return information. A motion to apply for sales taxexemption was made by Richard Tuma and seconded by Mike Moos. The motion passedunanimously.

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President’s Report (David Whipple): President Whipple informed themembership that Norm Forshee and Ron Bonneau were attending a finance committee meeting atthe National NENA Office. The National NENA Office has now relocated to their new officein Columbus, Ohio. Mark Adams is the new Executive Director.

Vice-President (Richard Jones): No Report

NENA 2nd Vice President (Norm Forshee): Absent

NENA Regional Vice President (Ron Bonneau): Absent

Vice-President (Richard Jones): No Report

Secretary’s Report (Vickie Leibach): No Report

Regional Vice President’s Report:

Region 1 (Doug Edmonds) No Report

Region 2 (Jerry Bleck) No Report

Region 3 (Sandy Beitel) No Report

Region 4 (David Tuttle) No Report

Region 5 (David Thomas) No Report

Region 6 (Kathy Monken) Region 6 will be holding a meeting on May 19, 1999 at theBelleville Area College. Topics include Wireless issues and Phase 2 demonstration.

Region 7 (Scott Sylvester) No Report

Region 8 (Jeff Rodrigues) Absent

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Technologies (Richard Jones): No Report

Legislative Committee (Norm Forshee): Absent

Conference Committee (Kathy Monken): Kathy Monken reported the ConferenceCommittee would be meeting immediately following the INENA meeting and urged themembership to register early for the conference. Gregg Riddle advised they were stilllooking for speakers and presentations for the breakout sessions.

Awards Committee (Jerry Bleck): Jerry Bleck encouraged the membership to submitawards applications for consideration. Applications will be included in the May minutes.President Whipple echoed Jerry Bleck’s request to submit awards applications.

Historical Committee (Mike Moos): Mike Moos reported the Historical Committeehas been working on finalization of a contract for space at the Bradley University Libraryin conjunction with APCO. Norm Forshee has made a recommendation to National NENA withregard to information for historical review. Mike Moos would like to include the NENA Newswith our items and suggested the need to have a backup location for our archives.

Nomination Committee (Norm Forshee): President Whipple advised election ballotswould be mailed out 60 days prior to the election. Nominations will need to be receivedbefore the end of August. Any requests for changes to the by-laws need to be submitted sothey can be voted on at the annual meeting.

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Illinois Commerce Commission (Marci Schroll): Marci Schroll reported DebPrather had resigned from the Illinois Commerce Commission as of April 21, 1999. Anyquestions regarding outstanding issues should be directed to Marci Schroll. The second Y2Kletter was sent out March 2, 1999, and they are in the process of reviewing those reports.These inquiries are coming from the Governor’s Y2K task force and IEMA. The annualreports are also being reviewed and should there be any problems, you will be contacted.Oral arguments were completed on the SBC/Ameritech merger. Ron Bloom advised the IllinoisCommerce Commission sent out data requests regarding the SBC/Ameritech merger and as aresult, 9-1-1 issues have been placed in the forefront. GTE/Bell Atlantic merger isproceeding, and rebuttal testimony was due today. The staff report on Part 725 has notbeen completed; however, that work will continue so that the docket can be reopened. TheIllinois Commerce Commission will be posting the Directors position very soon.

Illinois Telecommunications Association (Carol Wagner): Carol Wagner reportedthe ITA was closely watching the pending legislation.

Law Enforcement Standards Board (Mike Moos): Mike Moos advised the membershipthat all of the grants for this fiscal year were obligated. The new grant period beginsJuly 1, 1999. The grant application process should be coordinated through your localMobile Training Units. House Bill 1747 regarding EMD training did not come up for thirdreading.


Local Number Portability (Richard Jones): Richard Jones reported that as of May4, 1999 there were thirteen switch based carriers in business. 9-1-1 Systems in the 847area code need to register with the IVR on the Internet at www.numberpool.com or by calling 312-382-0565. In the last five weeks they have placed 90,000numbers into pooling.

Wireless 9-1-1 Legislation (President Whipple): President Whipple advised theSenate Executive Committee met May 5, 1999 regarding HB 1383. Fortunately, approximatelyforty uniformed Sheriffs appeared in the meeting to show their support of the legislation,and the Executive Committee passed the legislation to the Senate floor. President Whippleexpressed his disappointment in the INENA and APCO representation and urged the membershipto attend the Senate Hearing on HB 1383. Current information received from theGovernor’s office indicates he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk. A memberasked the legalities of a wireless telephone company based in Iowa, charging Illinoiscustomers a surcharge. President Whipple asked Attorney Kelly to review the matter.

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National NENA 2nd Vice President Election: President Whipplereported the President of the New Hampshire Chapter of NENA, contacted him and asked forour support of Bruce Cheney, who is running for National NENA 2nd VicePresident. Mr. Cheney is the Executive Director of the New Hampshire 9-1-1 System.President Whipple listed Mr. Cheney’s credits and added the opponent had notcontacted him. Mr. Cheney asked for a vote of support from the Illinois Chapter of NENA.The motion for a vote of support for Bruce Cheney was made by Rich Tuma and seconded byMike Midiri. The motion passed unanimously.

PROGRAM: “Wireless Phase 2” by Tom Grones and Oscar Sanders of GEOComm

ADJOURNMENT: The motion to adjourn was made by Larry Maddox and seconded byRich Tuma. The motion passed unanimously and the meeting adjourned at 1:47 P.M.

The next INENA General Membership Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 8, 1999 at10:30 A.M., at the Bloomington Library, 205 East Olive Street, Bloomington, Illinois.

INENA Minutes are on the INTERNET at the following address:https://www.nena9-1-1.org/inena

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