September 5, 2002

President Michael A. Midiri called the General Membership Meeting of INENA to order at 10:36 A.M. at the Bloomington Police Department, Bloomington, IL.


Michael Midiri (President), Bobette Benson (Secretary), Douglas Edmonds (Region 1, Vice President), Jerry Bleck (Region 2, Vice President), Vickie Leibach (Region 4, Vice President), Marci Schroll (Region 5, Vice President), Kathy Monken (Region 6, Vice President), Ken Smith (Region 7, Vice President), and Jeff Rodrigues (Region 8, Vice President). 


David Tuttle (Vice President), John Kelly (Treasurer), and Sandy Beitel (Region 3, Vice President).

 APPROVAL OF INENA MINUTES:   The motion was made by Harland Hector and seconded by Kathy Monken to approve the INENA minutes for July 11, 2002.  The motion passed unanimously. 

 TREASURER’S REPORT (John Kelly by Mike Midiri):  There is $52,639.86 in the general account, $24,687.03 other current assets for a total of $77,326.89.   The motion was made by Vickie Leibach and seconded by Doug Miller to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion passed unanimously.

 NENA REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT (Ron Bonneau by Mike Midiri):   NENA is discussing ‘Dues Sharing’ and would like to know if the larger state chapters would be willing to give up a small percentage of the money NENA refunds to the chapter in order to help smaller chapters increase their treasury.  Discussion followed on how chapters might increase their membership.  NENA is looking at an Associate Membership initiative.  This would allow agencies to bring members in at a lower cost.  They would get the magazine.  The number of associates allowed would be relative to the number of regular members the agency has.

 VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT (David Tuttle):  Absent

 SECRETARY’S REPORT (Bobette Benson):  No Report


Region 1 (Doug Edmonds) No Report

Region 2 (Jerry Bleck)   Reminder to get the INENA awards applications in quickly.  Ameritech Users group meeting will be held right after the NENA meeting.

Region 3 (Sandy Beitel)   Absent

Region 4 (Vickie Leibach)   No Report

Region 5 (Marci Schroll)       Have a conference call scheduled for September 25, 2002 at 09:30 AM

Region 6 (Kathy Monken)    Held coordinators meeting on July 18, 2002.  20 attended.  Consider attending the Best Business Practices conference in St. Louis.  Many standards are developed there.

Region 7 (Ken Smith)           Met to formulate a Public Service announcement which is ready to air.  Met with Verizon reference Phase II.  Eight agencies got together to sponsor a training class.

Region 8 (Jeff Rodrigues)    No Report

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE (Richard Jones):  Six major carriers filed comments to FCC that included cost recovery.  SBC is the only carrier who linked Phase II to cost recovery tariff.  Verizon on case by case basis.  They do not say they won’t do Phase II.   What some others are doing:  Bell South position is heavy cost to the carrier side and less to the PSAP.  Quest is 35% to the PSAP and 65% to the wireless carrier.  National wants enhanced 911 Nation-wide on all devices. 

(Mike Midiri):  Rick Jones is now an employee of National NENA.  The membership wishes to acknowledge Rick Jones for his accomplishments. 

LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE (Norm Forshee):   Absent                                                               


The Renaissance Hotel is full.  There are still 70-80 rooms available at the Hilton.  It will cost us $6,000 if we don’t meet our commitment to the Hilton.  65 vendors have committed at this time.  Don’t wait till the last minute to send your registrations to Tammy.  Extra conference booklets available. 

(Gregg Riddle)  The Sunday class for $99.00 is on School Violence presented by Kevin Willett.  Tuesday, Steve Souder will speak on the Pentagon attack.  Wednesday morning, Chuck Dowd will speak on the NYC September 11th attack.

 NOMINATION COMMITTEE (Norm Forshee by Mike Midiri):  The slate of officers for 2002-2003 was announced as follows: 

Mike Midiri for President, David Tuttle for Vice President,

John Kelly for Treasurer,

Bobette Benson for Secretary,

Doug Edmonds for Region 1 VP,

Jerry Bleck for Region 2 VP,

Doug Miller was nominated for Region 3 VP,

Sandy Beitel has declined the nomination.

Vickie Leibach was nominated for Region 4 VP,

Marci Schroll for Region 5 VP,

Kathy Monken for Region 6 VP,

Ken Smith and Pat Lustig for Region 7 VP,

Jeff Rodrigues for Region 8 VP. 

The ballots are being prepared and will be mailed in a few days.


ILLINOIS COMMERCE COMMISSION (Marci Schroll):   Reported ICC is working with AT&T and Nextel.  They still have calls going to Conner.  A final conversion date has been set for September 11, 2002.  ICC has asked carriers for a wireless status report.  The rewrite of Part 725 is close to being finalized.  Pre-Basic (FCC 9-1-1) date is close and progress is going well.  Marci has been promoted to the position previously held by Rick Gasparin.  Thanks for all the support provided by NENA and the members.


CENTRAL MANAGEMENT SERVICE (Steve Wieland):  $40 million will have been paid out to ETSB’s.  Average $2 million per month.  Only a couple of million has been paid to wireless carriers so far.  CMS is still collecting wireless status information fromsystems.  Be sure to keep track of ‘live’ dates.


Mike Midiri:  Anyone interested in assisting Rich Cunningham with the INENA Web page, please let myself or Bobbi Benson, Secretary know.

Gregg Riddle:  APCO and the British Government will present training on Terrorism Prevention on September 23, 2002.  There is no cost to attend.  Recommended for Chiefs, Managers and 911 Directors.  September 26, 2002 there will be a tour of Commonwealth Edison, Joliet.  Recommended for telecommunicators and supervisors.  Contact Gregg Riddle if you are interested.

 NEW BUSINESS (Mike Midiri):  Read a statement prepared by INENA Attorney, John Kelly, regarding SBC/Ameritech which led to complaints being filed by St. Clair, Bond and Peoria Counties on Federal and State levels.  The complaints led to meetings being held in Washington D.C. seeking resolution.  At this time, details of the meetings are confidential. INENA’s representatives have informed Ameritech that public safety will not agree to anything without approval by Illinois’ 9-1-1 community. 

Discussion followed on the temporary (90-day) tariff filed by SBC had without rates.  If a rate for non-recurring charges could be agreed to, an interim tariff could be filed.  It needs to be done by September 21, 2002.  Then the commission would suspend the final proposal.  At that time, it would become a docketed proceeding and everyone could have input to come up with a final rate.


 PROGRAM TOPIC:  Problems Facing 9-1-1 / General Discussion during the regular meeting.

The motion to adjourn was made by Rich Tuma and seconded by Kathy Monken.  The motion passed unanimously.  Meeting was adjourned at 12:18 P.M.