President Michael A. Midiri called the Annual Membership Meeting of INENA to order at 4:15 P.M. at the 17th Annual APCO-INENA-ICC Conference in Springfield, Illinois.

Michael Midiri (President), David Tuttle (Vice President), Vickie Leibach (Secretary), Scott Sylvester (Treasurer), Douglas Edmonds (Region 1, Vice President), Jerry Bleck (Region 2, Vice President), Sandy Beitel (region 3, Vice President), Richard Gragert (Region 4, Vice President), Marci Schroll (Region 5, Vice President), Ken Smith (Region 7, Vice President), and Jeff Rodrigues (Region 8, Vice President).

Kathy Monken (Region 6, Vice President).

APPROVAL OF INENA MINUTES: The motion was made by Richard Tuma and seconded by Mike Moos to approve the INENA General Membership meeting minutes dated September 6, 2001. The motion passed unanimously.

TREASURER’S REPORT (Scott Sylvester): The membership was advised the INENA General Fund balance as of October 1, 2001, was $45,745.14 and Educational Account balance was 2,279.22. A motion was made by Richard Tuma and seconded by Mike Moos approve the treasurer’s report. The motion passed unanimously.

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT (David Tuttle): No Report

SECRETARY’S REPORT (Vickie Leibach): No Report

Region 1 (Doug Edmonds) No Report
Region 2 (Jerry Bleck) No Report
Region 3 (Sandy Beitel) No Report
Region 4 (Richard Gragert) No Report
Region 5 (Marci Schroll) No Report
Region 6 (Kathy Monken) Absent
Region 7 (Ken Smith) No Report
Region 8 (Jeff Rodrigues) No Report

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE (Richard Jones): No Report

NEW BUSINESS: Rick Gasparin, of the Illinois Commerce Commission, advised the Membership that the JCAR Committee did not prohibit the use of a private company from answering 9-1-1 calls. Norm Forshee stated INENA was considering legal action against JCAR on their ability to take this action. It is believed the costs associated with this legal proceeding could be around $450.00. APCO might also be interested in joining this cause. Richard Tuma stated he felt this was a moot point if Public Safety agencies use the FCC as the mechanism to make the wireless carriers comply. Morrie Farbman felt it was necessary to follow both the legal and the FCC routes. John Kelly advised the legal action would be against the ICC. We would be asking the court to declare the ICC was without authority in declaring the rule. Filing would occur in either Cook or Sangamon County. This process would probably take four to eight months. The decision to file needs to be made within six months of JCAR’s action. David Whipple advised about a month and half ago he was involved in a conference call where wireless carriers reported having trouble with acquiring routing numbers for Phase 0 service. Mr. Whipple began working with Cingular Wireless and on October 16th Cingular cut over the last of their Connor Calls. He has also been working with AT&T Wireless on this issue. Mr. Whipple offered his assistance to all of the wireless carriers experiencing this problem. No other carriers have contacted him. A motion was made by Harland Hector and seconded by Richard Gragert to pursue legal action against the I.C.C. The motion passed unanimously. A motion was made by Norm Forshee and seconded by Harland Hector for INENA to provide David Whipple with full registration and hotel expense at the conference. The motion passed unanimously.

David Whipple announced the following election winners:

President – Michael Midiri, Jr.
Vice President – David Tuttle
Secretary – Bobette Benson
Treasurer – Scott Sylvester
Region 1 VP – Doug Edmonds
Region 2 VP – Jerry Bleck
Region 3 VP – Sandy Beitel
Region 4 VP – Richard Gragert
Region 5 VP – Marci Schroll
Region 6 VP – Kathy Monken
Region 7 VP – Ken Smith
Region 8 VP – Jeff Rodrigues

A motion to certify the election was made by Richard Tuma and seconded by Mike Moos. The motion carried unanimously. A motion was made by Richard Tuma and seconded by Mike Moos to destroy the ballots. The motion carried unanimously.


The motion to adjourn was made by Richard Tuma and seconded by Bobette Benson. The motion passed unanimously.