OCTOBER 27, 1998


The General Membership Meeting of INENA was called to order byPresident David C. Whipple at 4:00 P.M. at the Decatur Holiday Inn Select in Decatur,Illinois.

Officer’s Present:

David C. Whipple (President), Rick Jones (Vice President), MichaelMidiri Jr. (Treasurer), Charlene Davis (Secretary), Norman H. Forshee (NENA 2ndVice President), Ron Bonneau (NENA Regional Vice President), Douglas Edmonds (Region 1,Vice President), Jerry Bleck (Region 2, V ice President), Sandy Beitel (Region 3, VicePresident), David Tuttle (Region 4, Vice President), Shirley Schable (Region 5, VicePresident), Kathy Monken (Region 6, Vice President), Scott Sylvester (Region 7, VicePresident) and Jeff Rodrigues (Region 8, Vice President).

Approval of INENA Minutes:

The motion was made by Richard Tuma and seconded by Harland Hector Sr. to approve theINENA General Membership minutes dated September 3, 1998. The motion passed unanimously.

Approval of INENA Treasurer’s Report:

Michael Midiri Jr. informed the membership of the following account balances; INENAGeneral Fund – $20,750.16 and the INENA Educational Fund – $ 2, 115.73. The motion wasmade by Larry Maddox and seconded by Dick Graggert to approve the Treasurer’s Reportas presented. The motion passed unanimously.

Officer’s Reports:

NENA 2nd Vice Presidential Report (Norman H. Forshee);

Norman Forshee expressed his sincere appreciation for the memberships support duringhis election. He also stated how proud he was of the INENA/APCO/I.C.C teamwork incoordinating and hosting the most successful Annual Conference to date.

NENA Regional Vice President (Ron Bonneau):

Ron Bonneau expressed his appreciation and pride in his association with the INENA/NENAorganizations.

Ron informed the membership NENA is in the process of choosing a new ExecutiveDirector. The board has 5 (five) candidates. There are 4 (four) remaining to beinterviewed. The announcement of the new director will be not be made until con-tractnegotiations have been completed.

Ron advised the membership Bill Stanton (organization founder and current ExecutiveDirector) was invited to the INENA/APCO/I.C.C. Annual Conference, but was unable to attenddue to a prior commitment.

Ron stated the NENA Regional Office would be moved to Columbus, Ohio once the newdirector has been formally announced.

Ron requested feedback, both positive and negative, on the organization.

Ron was asked if there was a possibility that the NENA/APCO organizations would merge.Ron stated this question was discussed during his Executive conference call. The generalconsensus is to continue working jointly on projects as we currently do.

Vice President’s Report (Rick Jones): No Report

Secretary (Charlene Davis): No Report

Regional Vice President’s Reports:

Region 1 Douglas Edmonds No Report

Region 2 Jerry Bleck No Report

Region 3 Sandy Beitel A Region 3 meeting will be held 11/12 at 1:00 p.m. at theSheriff’s Office.

Region 4 David Tuttle No Report

Region 5 Shirley Schable A joint meeting will be scheduled after the first of the year

Region 6 Kathy Monken No Report

Region 7 Scott Sylvester No Report

Region 8 Jeff Rodrigues No Report

Illinois Commerce Commission (Deb Prather):

Deb stated there are 4 (four) counties who have placed funding of Enhanced 9-1-1 on theNovember ’98 ballot. They are; Adams, Jersey, Stark and Pike counties.

Deb stated Staff is involved in activities concerning the proposed merger of Ameritechand Southwestern Bell.

Illinois Telephone Association (Carol Wagner):

Ron Bloom (reporting for Carol Wagner) informed the membership there is a great deal ofinvolvement by many of the new CLEC’s in the organization.

Ron also stated the ITA will continue to extend its’ invitation to INENA to haverepresentation at the organizations meetings.

Illinois Law Enforcement Trng./Standards Board (Michael Moos):

Mike informed the membership there will be an EMD class 11/16/ thru 11/18. Mike statedthe class would be “free” if there are 20 people in attendance.

Mike also advised the membership there are still funds available for training.

Illinois Dept. of Public Health (Debbie Hoover): No Report

Old Business: Deferred to the “break out” sessions conductedthroughout the conference.


Technical Committee (Rick Jones): No Report

Legislative Report (President Whipple/Norman H. Forshee): No Report

Conference Committee (Kathy Monken):

Kathy thanked the membership for there help and support.

The Conference Committee will meet on 10/28/98, immediately following the conference.

The next INENA/APCO/I.C.C. Annual Conference will held October 24 – October 27,1999 in Decatur, Illinois at the Decatur Holiday Inn Select. Kathy suggested members maketheir reservations early.

Nominations Committee (Norman H. Forshee):

Past INENA President and Chairman of the Nominations committee, Norman H. Forshee,presented the results of the 1998 INENA Election Results. They are as follows:

President David C. Whipple

Vice President Richard Jones

Secretary Vickie Leibach

Treasurer Michael Midiri Jr.

Region 1 Vice President Douglas Edmonds

Region 2 Vice President Jerry Bleck

Region 3 Vice President Sandy Beitel

Region 4 Vice President David Tuttle

Region 5 Vice President Dave Thomas

Region 6 Vice President Kathy Monken

Region 7 Vice President Scott Sylvester

Region 8 Vice President Jeff Rodrigues

The nomination committee members, Norman H. Forshee, Larry Maddox and Gene Valentinecounted the ballots.

The motion was made by Harland Hector Sr. and seconded by Mike Moos to accept the 1999Officers slate. The motion passed unanimously.

The motion was made by Michael Midiri Jr. and seconded by Marilyn Dixon to destroy the1998 INENA Election ballots. The motion passed unanimously.

By-Laws (Norman H. Forshee):

Norm informed the membership there are some additional changes that need to be made tothe INENA by Laws. However, by-law changes can only be made to what currently exists.Additions must be presented prior to the Annual meeting and voted on at the annual meetingonly.

Therefore, the following clarification of the pending by law changes that voted on atthe 1998 INENA Annual meeting are as follows:

-At the October ’99 Annual conference INENA officers will assume their duties

-Article 2, Section 2 (2.1) Page 5 – “at which they were instead of “are”.

Norm Forshee advised the membership that next year a “tie breaker clause”should be added. Norm felt the NENA by-laws have a provision that would address this forthe INENA by-laws.

A motion was made by Richard Tuma and seconded by Michael Midiri Jr. to approve theby-laws revision recommendations, with the noted clarifications. The motion passedunanimously.

Miscellaneous Issues:

Deb Prather (I.C.C. Staff) stated it has been brought to her attention that severalPS/ALI customers who have internal security have 9-1-1 calls going to the internalsecurity entity.

Deb restated 9-1-1 should not be going to an internal security department.

President Whipple stated that to his knowledge there are only 2 (two)-lifetime INENAmembers.

He stated there is a need to review our INENA records during 1999 to in an attempt toidentify anyone that has achieved this honor but may have been overlooked. He also statedhe would like to review the criteria for achieving the “lifetime member” honor,should any by-law revisions be needed.

President Whipple welcomed the new, as well as returning, 1999 INENA Executive Boardmembers. He also thanked all board members who would not be returning next year.

The motion to adjourn was made by Bill Gamblin and seconded by Richard Tuma. The motionpassed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 P.M.


The next INENA General Membership Meeting is scheduled for Thursday,January 7, 1999 at 10:30 A.M. at the Bloomington Police Department, 305 S. East St.,Bloomington, Illinois

1999 General Membership Meeting Dates/Locations:

January 7, 1999 Bloomington Police Dept., 305 S. East St. Bloomngtn,IL.

March 4, 1999 Springfield Training Academy 3501 Color Plant Rd.,Springfield, IL.

May 6, 1999 Springfield Training Academy 3501 Color Plant Rd.,Springfield, IL.

July 8, 1999 Bloomington Public Library 205 E. Olive St., Bloomngtn,IL.

September 2, 1999 Law & Justice Bldg. 104 W. Front St., Bloomngtn,IL.

October 26, 1999 Decatur Holiday Inn Select U. S. Rte 36 West &Wycles, Decatur, IL.

1999 Executive Board Meeting Dates/Locations:

February 4, 1999 Bloomington City Counsel Chambers 109 E. Olive St.,Bloomngtn, IL.

April 1, 1999 Bloomington Law & Justice Bldg. 104 W. Front St.,Bloomngtn, IL.

June 3, 1999 Bloomington Police Dept. 305 S. East St., Bloomngtn., IL.

August 5, 1999 Bloomington Public Library 205 E. Olive St., Bloomngtn.,IL.

October 7, 1999 Decatur Holiday Inn Select U. S. Rte 36 West &Wycles, Decatur, IL.

December 2, 1999 Bloomington Police Dept. 305 S. East St., Bloomngtn,IL.

INENA Minutes are on the INTERNET at the following address: www.nena911.org\inena

October 27, 1998

INENA General Meeting Attendance Sheet



Susie Anderson


Bobette Benson

Galesburg/Knox County ETSB

Sandy Beitel

Ogle County

Chris Birkla

White County ETSB

Greg Bishop

City of Chicago

Jerry Bleck

Tri-Com Central Dispatch

Ron Bloom


Ron Bonneau

Riverdale ETSB

Spike Bryant

Collinsville Police Dept.

Sam Brennan

Barrington Hills Police Dept

Maureen Burns

City of Elgin

Tom Carrico

Cahokia Police Dept.

Pam Carroll

Northwest Central Dispatch

Bill Corbett

City of Chicago/APCO Chapter Pres.

Bob Currier


Georgia Davis


James E. Dean

Hometown ETSB

Stacy DePorter

Rock Island ETSB

Teri Depuy


Marilyn Dixon

Will County Sheriff

Judy Dunlap

Bureau County ETSB

Dick Fowler


Douglas Edmonds

Northwest Central Dispatch

William H. Gamblin

McClean County ETSB

Richard Graggert

LIVCOM / Pontiac

Jim Gram

Marshall County ETSB

Mark Green

Scott AFB PSAP Mgr.

Robert Hallin

Stephenson County

Harland Hector Sr.

Seneca ETSB

Mike Hitzemann

KenCom Public Safety Dispatch

Jim Hoscheid

Bureau County ETSB

Carolyn Hullcranz

Washington Police Dept.

Steve Hullcranz

Tazewell County ETSB

Richard Jones

Loves Park 9-1-1

Becky Jungmann

O’Fallon Police Dept.

John Karubas

Will County E9-1-1

Gene Keck

Montgomery Police Dept.

John Kelly

INENA Attorney

Joe Kern

City of Chicago 9-1-1

Vickie Leibach

Peoria County ETSB

Patrick Lustig

Jackson County Sheriff’s Dept.

Tommie Little

City of Chicago

Lauren MacLeod


Larry Maddox

DeKalb Police Dept.

Matt Magill

Carrol County ETSB

Jill Miller

Bureau County ETSB

Loni Miller

Orland Park Police Dept.

Mike Midiri

City of Springfield

Kathy Monken

St. Clair County ETSB

Michael Moos

Ill. Law Enf. Trng & Stands. Bd.

Toni Niles

Cook County

Rick Nosek

Schiller Park

Mike O’Connor

Schaumburg Police Dept.

Beth Ozanich


Tammy Peterson

Kankakee County

Joe Pilch


Theresa Podschweit

KENCOM (Kendall County)

Deb Prather


Gregg Riddle

Elk Grove Fire Dept.

Jeffrey Rodrigues

City of Chicago

Robin Rodriguez

Wabash County ETSB

Shirley Schable

Douglas County ETSB

John Savaglio


Gina Schneider

SIU-Edwardsville Police Dept.

Ed Scherer

Boone County ETSB

Maraci Schroll


June Sern

Stephenson County 9-1-1

Bill Shanlen

Southwest Central Dispatch

John Skain

Clinton County ETSB

Sandy Stansell

Winnebago County E9-1-1

Jill Steiner

MaCoupin County ETSB

Paul Stoffels


Scott Sylvester

Jackson County 9-1-1

David Swan

Swan & Assoc.

David Thomas

MaCoupin County ETSB

Richard Tuma

R.E.D. Center

David Tuttle

Peoria County ETSB

Curt Underwood

Barrington Hills Police Dept.

David Whipple

Madison County 9-1-1