Become a NENA International Affiliate

 As NENA grows in stature and recognition throughout public and private sectors, there has been increasing interest from international groups that provide emergency telecommunications services either to become members of NENA or to have some form of affiliation with NENA.

In order to respond appropriately to international interest, NENA’s Executive Board has decided to recognize affiliate international organizations that subscribe to similar objectives of the Association: those organizations that wish to lead in the development, availability, implementation and enhancement of a universal emergency telephone number common to all jurisdiction(s) through research, planning, training and education; to represent its members before communications regulatory agencies and appropriate policy making and legislative bodies; to enable all citizens to have immediate access to emergency public safety services so that safety of human life, protection of property and civic welfare are benefited to the utmost degree; and to aid and assist in the timely collection and dissemination of information relating to a universal emergency telephone number.
Allowing International Affiliate members will enable NENA to better promote its objectives and brand internationally and educate the international community about public safety issues.

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