NENA Joint Tech & Ops Standards & Documents

NENA Joint Tech & Ops Standards & Documents

Documents posted to this page have been created by two (2) or more committees made up of at least one Operations Committee and at least one Technical Committee.

When it is identified that an issue will require two or more committees to have oversight of the document creation process, a lead committee will be identified and that committee will be listed first followed by the other oversight committees in the “Prepared by” section of the document’s cover page and in the “Acknowledgements” section of the document.

Each primary committee with oversight on a joint document will institute a process for their committee members to review and approve/disapprove the working group completed document to be placed into the Document Approval Process.

Click the standard title to view the full description and from the full description page you may also download a copy of the standard.

Technical – General
Operations – General

Technical – Data
Operations – Next Generation Integration – NGI

Technical – VoIP/Packet
Operations – VoIP

Technical – CPE
Operations – Next Generation Integration – NGI

Joint – NG Transition Planning