Katrina Relief


Louisiana Chapter

P. O. Box 82236

Lafayette, LA  70598-2236

Telephone:  (337) 291-5060     Fax:  (337) 291-5080

As Louisiana NENA Chapter President, I am in great awe to hear reports of the heroic steps and response’s being made by our fellow APCO and NENA members to help our  9-1-1 community victims.


All of us in the 9-1-1 communities are still in a state of shock and saddened from the devastation that Katrina has caused in south Louisiana. As the floodwater is receding, the evidence of the deplorable devastation of destruction and death is becoming more evident.


Our brother’s and sister’s are in urgent need of your help, there are between 250 and 300 dispatcher’s, call-taker’s that have literally lost everything, including all personal items, family members, loved ones, homes and more.


These folks need our attention and help now! Our response effort is more important now than ever.  We encourage you to please find it your hearts, to help the victims of this tragedy. This is a time of great need and not a time to fail to those in need.


The LA APCO Chapter has used it’s own funds to help buy basic supplies for just a hand full of dispatchers in New Orleans. The LA NENA Chapter is forthcoming with some needed funds.

The LA NENA Chapter board members are asking for your most humble generosity of support now. We need additional cash donations. Now this is a daunting assignment but we also would like for each PSAP or Communication center to form and participate in some type of fund raising project with-in your jurisdiction. If each dispatcher, call-taker or associates donated $5.00 each, it will quickly add up.


Monies pledged by other state NENA and APCO Chapters are slowly coming in. However some supplies have arrived from other states and are being distributed.


Please send all donations to the address below.


Louisiana APCO and NENA Chapter’s

Disaster Fund

P.O. Box 82236

Lafayette, La. 70598



May God bless each of you!


Don Smith

LA NENA President

[email protected] 1-800-820-7138