Annual Conference Information



Annual Conference Information

The 2007 Maine Chapter of  NENA Annual Conference is scheduled for April 6 and 7, 2007. Stay tuned for updated information!

 Awards Program

Each year, the Maine Chapter of the NENA recognizes the achievements and contributions of men and women who are the backbone of Maine?s emergency communications system. The award recipients will be recognized at the Chapter’s Annual Conference  in April.

The Chapter recognizes one calltaker as Telecommunicator of the Year for his/her special handling of a specific 9-1-1 call.  In addition, the non-competitive Silent Hero recognition program acknowledges the important day-to-day contributions of 9-1-1 telecommunicators whose performance and attitude is exceptional. In 2005, the Chapter added the Communication Team of the Year, which recognizes a group in recognition of their exemplary handling of a specific call.

More Information on Maine NENA Awards Program.

  1. Telecommunicator of the Year Application
  2. Communication Team of the Year Application
  3. Silent Hero Achievement Award Application

To find out more about Maine NENA’s award program or request the form in a different format:: HH01580A.gif (1311 bytes)