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NENA MembershipCategories

Active – Any management,supervisory or support personnel responsible for planning, organizing, staffing,directing, controlling,
supporting and/or operation functions required in the design, promotion, construction,installation, maintenance, command and/or operation of public safety emergencycommunications systems who are employed, compensated, appointed, or elected by a federal,state, provincial, territorial or local government agency, or an agency substantiallysupported by government funds, or retired from one of the above categories. All ActiveMembers automatically become members of their Chapter if one exists.

Commercial – People in the business sectorwho receive compensation from the design, manufacture, sale, service,
maintenance, lease, rental or promotion of equipment or systems which are used or can beused in public safety emergency
systems; and those persons who are engaged in writing, publishing, advising and consultingin the public safety emergency
communications field or who distribute goods and represent companies, firms or personsincluding themselves and others engaged in such activities. All Commercial Membersautomatically become members of their Chapter if one exists.

Associate – Those persons not eligible forActive or Commercial classes of membership; those persons involved in the
emergency communications field in a capacity of support personnel or in non-supervisory ornon-management positions; those
persons who have otherwise qualified for Commercial or Active membership but are no longeremployed or active in the
emergency communications field; or persons with no direct or indirect connection to theemergency communications field in any
way but wish to support the goals and objectives of NENA. This classification hasrestrictions.

NENA Membership Application

NENA’s Membership Application is now available in PDF format! Simplydownload the file, print, and return your completed form with your membership dues toNENA. To view the PDF file, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can downloadfree at

Click here for the MembershipApplication.

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