Meeting Minutes – Michigan NENA November 6, 2002 Midland County Central Dispatch – Midland, Michigan

President Mike Sexton called the meeting to order at 10:05 AM at Midland County Central Dispatch in with 13 members, 1 guest and 2 non-members present.  Those in attendance:





Al Kear


Ty Wooten

Indiana NENA

Stephen Todd

City of Flint

Jim Fyvie

Clinton County

Daniel Loftus

Livoinia Police

Bill Charon

Ionia County

Sherri Kessel

SBC Ameritech

Bud Pesenecker

SBC Ameritech

Gary Brozewski

Bay County 911

Tom McIntyre

Saginaw County 911

Patricia Coates

Oakland County

Mike Sexton

Sexton & Associates

Suzan Hensel

Midland County

Bob Currier


Ellen Deview

Birmingham Police

Frank Grant

Birmingham Police

 Minutes of the previous meeting held in July at CCE Central Dispatch in Petoskey were read and approved on a motion by Bill Charon, supported by Al Kear.

Treasurer Andy Goldberger was not able to attend today’s meeting.  In his absence Secretary Bob Currier presented the Treasurer’s report.  Motion by Jim Fyvie to accept and place on file; supported by Dan Loftus.  Motion carried.  

General Account

$   15, 500.08

Conference Account

  5, 000.00

Savings Demand Account

10, 228.05

Balance on Hand

$ 30, 728.13


ETSC Report
In Paul’s absence those on the ETSC and/or committees gave brief updates on activities.  Mike Sexton reported on the process of the Legislative Action Sub-Committee.  There are currently 20 individual work groups tasked to review and develop suggestions for new language to be submitted to ETSC for new legislation.  


MCDA / Barry County Legal Action
Bill Charon reported on the MCDA/Barry County legal action.  Preliminary Injunction preventing SBC/Ameritech from applying for a tariff on wireless 9-1-1 calls remains in effect.  Our trial date is still set for December 16 in Barry County Circuit Court.

At the Preliminary Injunction hearing on October 14, one of SBC’s arguments to Judge Fisher was that they were not a CMRS supplier and that the CMRS Subcommittee could not authorize their costs for reimbursement.  One of Judge Fisher’s questions was whether they had submitted bills to the CMRS Subcommittee.  Answer – No!  Judge’s reply – Then how do you know they won’t authorize reimbursement?   Answer – silence.

The next CMRS Subcommittee meeting is scheduled for November 21.  I anticipate SBC may submit invoices to the CMRS Subcommittee and request reimbursement.  I also anticipate that the AG’s advice to the Subcommittee will be to deny payment because SBC (in the AG’s opinion) does not meet the definition of a CMRS supplier.  Because there is pending legal action (our suit) to define a CMRS supplier, my thought is that the CMRS Subcommittee should table any request by SBC until after a court decision.    

2002–03 9-1-1 Hero’s Program
Sexton will chair the committee for the coming year.  Mary Jo Hovey of the MSP Uniform Services Bureau will be taking Linda Cwiek’s place on the committee.  Nominations can be submitted to Mary Jo. The information and nomination form are available on the Chapter website.  Nomination period will include January 1, 2002 through December 31, 2002.  


Membership Information Update
Secretary Currier requested members to visit the National website and review and update their membership information; in particular their email address and telephone number(s).  The NENA website address is  

Annual Michigan 9-1-1 Conference
The annual conference is scheduled for May 11th – 14th, 2003 at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids.  It was noted that a three-year contract has been signed with the Amway for our conferences in 2003, 2004 and 2005.  The second week of May has been reserved in each of these years.

Suzan Hensel is the Conference Chair, Mike Sexton will be handling duties as Program Chair.  Discussion of program topics included Homeland Security issues, Federal Grant programs for Communications Centers, NENA PSAP Registry.  

Michigan will be a host site for the ENP examination this coming year and the exam will be held on Sunday, May 11, 2003 at the Amway prior to the conference.  

Discussion on keynote speakers ensued and those present suggested we look to inviting “key” Michigan legislators in light of our efforts to rework the 9-1-1 statutes.  Governor Elect Granholm was discussed as a possibility for the opening luncheon.  

Nominations and Elections
2003 officers are due for election.  Neither Sexton nor Currier are seeking re-election.  Within next two weeks to Marsha Bianconi get resume and letter of intent for the office they are seeking. 

2003 Meeting Dates
A meeting schedule was discussed for 2003.  The following dates were adopted, with locations to be determined.  Motion to accept by Loftus, supported by Charon MCU  

            February 12, 2003                      St. Johns
            May at the Conference                Grand Rapids
July 9, 2003                               Ionia County
November 12, 2003                     Flint  

As a point of information, the 2003 Michigan APCO meeting dates are as follows:  January 23 in Midland, March 27 in St. Johns, May at the Conference, July 24 in Genesee County, September at the Mini-Conference, and October 23 in Frankenmuth.  

Wireless Issues
Sgt. Dan Loftus of Livonia Police with issues on 9-1-1 databases and wireless deployment.  Livonia has recently had a group of problems related to deployment of Cingular Wireless and their GSM technology.  This deployment is being handled by TCS Communications of Seattle as third party vendor.  Loftus related to the numerous emails sent in an effort to correct the problems.  He indicated that he had been told by Intrado “this is not our issue”.  (Intrado deploys Cingular’s TDMA technology in Michigan).  Loftus indicated three areas of concern or need for changes:  

§         Currently there is no requirement in Michigan statute holding the Third-Party Vendors responsible to correct errors in a timely manner.  

§         There should be rules and/or accepted standards for confidentiality of this data  

§         Loftus feels Michigan should move to a sole source data provider for 9-1-1 services.  

Sexton and Currier explained the differences in TDMA and GSM projects and the fact that two separate third party vendors are deploying on behalf on Cingular here in Michigan.

This discussion then brought up the PSAP community’s discontent with TCS as a deployment vendor and the fact they have had a great deal of difficulty with them and their carriers (Verizon, Cingular GSM, Cricket, Dobson, Centennial, and American Cellular).  

After much discussion, a motion was offered by Dan Loftus of Livonia; supported by Jim Fyvie of Clinton County.  That Michigan NENA draft and send a letter to the Michigan ETSC regarding the difficulty in handling wireless E911 deployments where TCS Communications (formerly XYPoint) is the third party vendor.  This letter shall be specific to TCS and their customers.  It further should indicate that other vendors are deploying without issues and have well established procedures in place.” This motion was carried, abstaining from the vote on the motion were Currier and Sexton for reasons of conflict of interest.  A letter will be drafted and forwarded to the Michigan ETSC for their next meeting in December.  

Bob Currier of Intrado presented a program entitled “Making the Transition to Phase II.  What can the PSAP expect?”  

The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 PM with the next meeting to be held in St. Johns at Clinton County on February 12, 2003.  

Respectfully submitted,  


Robert C. Currier, ENP
Chapter Secretary