SOP Sub-Committee

The Standard Operating Procedures Sub-Committee

The mission of the SOP Sub-Committee is to provide operational guidance and support in the form of model standard operating procedures to the nation’s public safety answering points, emergency response centers, and aligned organizations (i.e., emergency management/emergency response).

In support of its mission, the Standard Operating Procedures Sub-Committee:

  • Develops recommended standards/model recommendations for the operation of communications centers and their managing agencies.
  • Submits its recommendations for comment by NENA membership; submits the final version to the NENA Executive Board for approval and publication as a NENA recommended standard/model recommendation.
  • Recommends standard operating procedures for the operation of communications centers and their managing agencies with input from the other committees.
  • Recommends a training curriculum on PSAP operations based on these standards/best practices and standard operating procedures.

The Standard Operating Procedures developed by the SOP Sub-Committee form part of a national knowledge database on public safety/emergency communications center operations and are available to NENA’s membership for use in developing, implementing or managing initiatives for their member organizations.

SOP Sub-Committee Chair:

Amy Bedford
Network Analyst, Communications
Patrol Support Bureau
Harris County Sheriff’s Department

SOP Sub-Committee Vice-Chair:

Sandy Beitel
E9-1-1 Coordinator
Ogle County