NDC Working Session Topics

Below are just a few of the topics that will be addressed during the NDC. Stay tuned for updates and detailed session and scheduling info in the coming months…

Next Generation 9-1-1(?)

  • NENA’s go-to-guide for overall NG9-1-1(?) System Management for 9-1-1 Authority and PSAP managers
  • Requirements for the NG9-1-1 compatible PSAP
  • Front-end NG9-1-1 architecture, including the IMS interface
  • Telecommunicator training recommendations
  • Public education
Transition Planning
  • Getting to NG9-1-1: Interim caller and location data processes
  • NG9-1-1 implementation planning
GIS & Databases
  • Geospatial relationships and the provisioning and maintenance of GIS data to the ECRF and LVF databases
Social Media
  • Using social networks as an information clearinghouse
  • An ongoing debate: Responding to requests for assistance via social media
Emerging Concerns
  • Sensors and new devices
  • Smartphones, app development, and the user applications environment
  • Public and private call center interactions and information sharing