NENA 2011 Super Session

NENA 2011 Super Session

Wednesday, June 22 – 9:00AM – 12:00PM

Part I: The Fort Hood Shooting: Lessons Learned

The November 2010 Fort Hood shooting profoundly changed many conceptions with regard to technology, security, and the relationship between the defense community and the surrounding population. Among the many issues being discussed are the current status of 9-1-1 technologies on defense installations, Next Generation 9-1-1(?) implications, other emergency response technologies, and the interface between the events of November 2010 and the response which followed. Join us as our speaker provides a first-hand regional account of the events and the various responses of that tragic day.

Part II: The Mobile Health Revolution

Wireless health technologies and corresponding treatment improvements are rapidly evolving and dramatically changing health care practices worldwide. Possibilities abound for integrating Next Generation 9-1-1 components with innovative mobile health solutions. In this part of the Super session, speakers will share their vision of how partnerships bridging NG9-1-1(?) and mobile health can improve the overall quality of emergency response and treatment, bringing life-saving advancements to all corners of our country and beyond.

Part III: LightSquared & GPS

Potential interference with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) signals due to the deployment of a new cellular phone and data network has the public safety talking. In January 2011, the Federal Communications Commission took action to permit LightSquared to begin operations with an important caveat – first requiring completion of a process for addressing GPS interference concerns. Speakers will provide the factual details surrounding this controversial issue and what will be done going forward. This is an excellent opportunity to hear LightSquared and GPS representatives tell it like it is.

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