NENA Opens Recruitment for Executive Director


We are NENA. We are more than 7,000 members and 48 chapters strong—a membership dedicated to saving lives. We work every day on a single, yet vital, mission: providing an effective and accessible 9-1-1 service for North America. In short, we are a membership dedicated to making 9-1-1 and emergency communications work better. We measure our success in the lives that are saved by 9-1-1 each day. 

Together, NENA’s leadership team represents the diverse NENA membership, and collectively, the 9-1-1 industry. NENA is an organization dedicated to saving lives through the improvement of 9-1-1 services in North America, and beyond. We are dedicated to making a difference through our work and our collective 9-1-1 association—NENA.

We are currently seeking an Executive Director who will serve as the Chief Executive Officer reporting to the elected Executive Board.  This position will be responsible for establishing and executing policy consistent with Association objectives, leading development and implementation of annual planning and program activities and directing programs approved by the Executive Board to ensure the Association meets its’ business objectives.

Direct responsibilities include establishing the organizational structure, defining staffing requirements, establishing administrative policies and procedures, motivating and managing staff and implementing appropriate personnel programs to retain staff.  Additional responsibilities include providing liaison and staff support to committees and chairpersons, developing, presenting and operating within an annual budget and ensuring the legal integrity and smooth operation of the Association.

The ideal candidate will have:

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Management or equivalent combination of education and experience

Five years association or related business management, including an understanding of financial and not-for-profit organization management

Public safety management and state and federal policy and regulatory development

Strong experience with managing/motivating/directing staff

Proven ability to effectively negotiate, solve problems and build/foster teamwork

Proven experience working with volunteer committees and elected board members

Strong communication skills, both written and verbal

Please see the complete position description below. Interested candidates should e-mail their resumes to: [email protected]

For more information regarding NENA, please check out our website at: This position will be posted until filled.  Principals only.



Position Description
v.July 2002

A. Position Summary:

This position serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association, reporting to the elected Executive Board.

At the direction of the board, this position is responsible for executing policy consistent with the Association’s objectives, as well as providing the administrative leadership for the Association and its subsidiaries.

Within a defined and documented strategic framework, leads development and implementation of annual tactical planning and program activities to achieve the stated objectives.

Administers and directs programs approved by the Executive Board. Maintains effective staff, volunteer and committee organization and performance to assure attainment of objectives and service to members.

Through effective communications, management and staff leadership, achieves economical, productive, and constructive growth of the Association, and enlists Executive Board and Technical/Operations Committees? support for policy decisions, industry standards development and overall Association direction.

Fosters effective working relationships with related public safety and other industry associations to negotiate and present consistent positions to government officials involved in development/enactment of public policy.

Assures commercial neutrality in Association policy, avoiding endorsement or appearance of endorsement of commercial members’ products and/or services.

B. Specific Responsibilities:

In addition to the duties outlined above, and consistent with the Bylaws of the Association and its subsidiaries and the policies established by the Executive Board, with appropriate delegation is responsible for:

1. Establishes the organizational structure for the Association’s office and related staffing structure.

2. Establishes administrative policies and procedures for Association office functions.

3. Recruits, hires, trains, promotes, compensates, and discharges staff and administers an effective personnel program which includes position descriptions, performance standards, performance appraisals, and a compensation system.

4. Plans and coordinates meetings of the Executive Board. Maintains official minutes of the Executive Board. Keeps the members of the Executive Board informed on the conditions and operations of the Association and on all important matters related to the mission of the Association.

5. Provides liaison and staff support to committees and chairpersons to help them fulfill their functions. Ensures that committee decisions and recommendations are appropriately submitted to the Executive Board for approval.

6. Develops, recommends for approval, and operates within, an annual budget. Ensures that all funds, physical assets, and other property of the Association are properly safeguarded. As directed by the Executive Board, conducts an annual financial audit. Identifies and utilizes outside contractors, such as legal counsel, computer support, advertising agencies, etc.

7. Ensures the legal integrity of the Association. Provides security for all files, legal and historic documents, membership, and mailing lists. Executes such contracts and commitments as may be authorized by established policy or by the Executive Board.

8. Maintains open communications with members, volunteer leadership, governmental bodies and agencies, and other public safety professional organizations. Initiates and directs adequate communication among staff, between staff and committee chairs, and the Executive Board as necessary for the effective operation of the Association’s programs and services. This communication may be in the form of meetings, conference calls, emails, reports, bulletins, faxes, etc.

9. Manages an effective member services program as approved by the Executive Board, including but not limited to the following areas:



Government Relations


Public Relations


10. Provides consultation and assistance to the President in the completion of duties such as appointing committee chairs, meeting preparation, representation at official meetings, providing information to the membership or others as needed, and in any other way which facilitates effective staff leadership support during term of office.

11. Maintains receptivity to new ideas and opportunities for improved Association operation and services, referring information to other staff, committees, chapters, Executive Board Members, etc., for considerations and proper response.

12. Performs any other duties as required for the administration of the Association or deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

13. Maintains active membership in at least one professional educational and/or trade association to gain exposure to and implement ?best practices? in association leadership and management.

C. Relationships:

1. The position is directly responsible to the Executive Board for administration of the Association office and for proper interpretation and fulfillment of the functions of this position description.

2. The Executive Director shall report to the Association President.

D. Background Requirements of Position:

1. Education: Bachelors Degree in business administration or management, or equivalent professional experience.

2. Career Experience: Minimum of five (5) years Association or related business management, including an understanding of financial and not-for-profit organization management. Experience in public safety management and state and federal policy and regulatory development is strongly desired, including demonstrated ability to influence legislators and other policy-makers toward desired objectives.

3. Experience in managing staff and implementing personnel procedures; creative and effective problem solving; teambuilding and leadership experience as well as the ability to motivate others.

4. General Skills: demonstrated experience working with volunteer committees and elected board members. Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing.

E. Dimensional Data:

Association Membership:  7,500

Technical, Operations and Related Committees: 25

Annual Budget:  $3,489,000 (FY2003)

Number of Staff:  20