Next Generation Integration – NGI

Next Generation Integration Committee – NGI

Works issues related to the integration of new and existing technologies into the PSAP.   The NGI Committee looks at the impact to service operations as 9-1-1 capabilities for new technologies are introduced into the PSAP and also develops standards and other documents that assist the PSAP in on-going quality assurance. 

The NGI Committee also develops standards and information documents related to service integration impacts on PSAP equipment, GIS, location, database maintenance, testing for service deployment and maintenance activities.

Various projects completed by committee:

  • Phase I standard contract for Wireless Carriers
  • Proposed amendment for Phase II
  • Combined contract for Phase I & Phase II
  • Standard Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Recommendation on standard fee for prepaid cards (work in progress)

Future Issues:

  • Wireless database standards
  • CPE upgrades – who pays what and how do you get funding
  • GIS mapping -survey of mapping practices
  • Technology-related issues for PSAPs