2009 NG Partner Program Summaries

NENA convened a meeting of the Next Generation Program Partners February 18, 2009, in Orlando, Florida, to discuss NG project activities. This meeting was the first meeting of NENA’s 2009 NG Partner Program. Topics discussed were:

  • NG 9-1-1 Industry Collaboration Events Activity
  • Annual conference planning for NG9-1-1(?) demo
  • Annual conference planning for NG Showcase
  • NG9-1-1 Project overview


On March 26, 2009, Next Generation Program Partners met in Arlington, Virginia. Topics discussed were:

  • Introduction of a pilot project with Counties of Southern Illinois Consortium
  • Broadband Stimulus Package, including NENA & Partner Program roles
  • Legislative Review
  • Annual Conference Planning
  • N11/8xx Essential Service Interoperability Council (NESIC)


On December 8 and 9, 2009, Next Generation Program Partners met in Washington D.C. Topics discussed were:

  • Update on NG Partner Program and Agenda
  • Update on NG9-1-1 Industry Collaboration Event (ICE) 1 and ICE 2 planning process
  • Update on NG9-1-1 Policy Implementation Handbook
  • Roundtable Discussion with Congressional Staff and E9-1-1 Institute on 2010 Legislative Opportunities
    • Dana Lichtenberg, Legislative Director, Congressman Bart Gordon
    • Greg Geisey, Counsel for Senate Commerce Committees
    • Greg Rhode, E9-1-1 Institute Executive Director
  • Discussion on Next Generation Safety Consortium (NGSC)
  • 2010 NG Partner Program Planning
  • Discussion with FCC representatives on NG9-1-1 and National Broadband Plan
  • Discussion with National 9-1-1 Office (Laurie Flaherty) on conclusion of USDOT NG9-1-1 Project and broadband grants
  • Transition Policy Issues for NGTPC and NGPP
  • NENA NG9-1-1 Project Update



2009 NG Program Partners