2004 Annual SpringConference Speakers


New York State Assemblyman DavidKoon

David KoonDavid Koon was elected to represent the135th AssemblyDistrict in a special election held in February 1996. He was elected to afull term in November of that year. Assemblyman Koon serves as a member of theAlcoholism and Drug Abuse; Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce andIndustry; Local Governments; Small Business; and Library and EducationTechnology Committees. He is also Vice Chair of the Legislative Commission onRural Resources and Vice Chair of the Legislative Commission on ToxicSubstances and Hazardous Waste. Assemblyman Koon resides with his wife of 33years, Suzanne. David and Suzanne have a son Jason and a daughter Jennifer(deceased) and are also proud grandparents of Ethan and Vanessa.

Assemblyman Koon will share thestory of his own personal tragedy of losing his daughter in 1993 when she wasabducted and murdered, despite having dialed 9-1-1 from a wireless phone,because she could not be located. Assemblyman Koon has become an advocate forwireless 9-1-1 location technology. To read his testimony to the Senate lastyear clickhere.


Toni Dunne

Toni DunneTTY Testing for Wireless and Wireline Compliance

PSAPs are required to providedirect access for TTY callers. The U.S. Dept. of Justice mandates PSAPS takecertain actions to be in compliance with the ADA, including testing TTYequipment. NENA recognizes the importance of this issue and is developingstandards to assist PSAPS in meeting these requirements. This session exploresthe differences between wireless and wireline TTY calls, and providesrecommendations designed to assist PSAPs in meeting your obligation under theADA.

Bob Gojanovich

Our own BobGojanovich, formerly with Verizon, now with iXP Corp. and winner of the 2003Stanton Award, will talk about wireless certification testing.

NENA Second Vice President David Jones

NENA Second Vice President David Jones will update us on what’s newwith the National Office, including the move to the Washington DC area lastyear.

Craig Reiner

CraigReiner, the Director of The New Jersey Office of Emergency Telecommunicationswill discuss the Statewide 9-1-1 Cutover and the Statewide Phase 1 and Phase 2status.

Larry Maynard

The ISOPublic Protection Classification Process

Mr. Maynard will talk about howISO provides information to aid in establishing fire insurance premiums basedon a municipality’s fire protection services. One aspect of the fire protectionservice is the PSAP and alarm systems in place. Their review looks at telephoneservice, personnel, and alarm circuits.

George Deuchar

The Telecommunicator’s Role inHomeland Security

Emergency Telecommunicators havealways been on the front lines of public safety. Now, their job is even moredemanding in the new age of safety and security. Threats to national securityare at an all-time high. And America’s leaders have told citizens to serve asthe eyes and ears that can help prevent terror attacks. Where will they turn ifthey think there’s a possibility of a terrorist threat? There’s no question-itwill be 9-1-1. This presentation will address the Telecommunicator’s criticalrole in Homeland Security initiatives. It covers use of the Homeland SecurityAdvisory System, threat assessment, and response coordination, and pre-incidentplanning.

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