2010 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign Winner

Because of your commitment to NENA and to the 9-1-1 profession, you were able to sign up several hundred new members through the member-get-a-member campaign. 
We are pleased to award a trip to NENA 2010* in Indianapolis to the top recruiter this past year:
Michelle Bland, ENP – California Highway Patrol – Sacramento, CA
We thank all of our new member recruiters for realizing the value of NENA membership and wanting to share that with your colleagues. Thanks to you, our new members will have access to the most current information on 9-1-1 issues in technology, operations, education, and government affairs. NENA is the leading professional development membership organization for 9-1-1 professionals, and each new member we add has access to committees, resources, and educational courses that they never had before.
It is because of members like you that NENA is so successful today. The more members we are able to attract, the stronger our collective voice becomes, and the more we are able to accomplish.