COMAR EFFECTIVE 1/1/96, 22:24 md.r.

.09 Public Safety Answering Point Training.

A. Public safety answering point shall be staffed with personnel who:

(1) Are able to recognize the tone that is generated by an incomingcall from a TTY machine when the caller activates the tone; and (2) Understandshow to process a call from a TTY machine according to the 9-1-1 systeminstalled with the accuracy and diligence that applies to 9-1-1 calls.

B. Personnel hired after a date to be established shall be trainedusing curriculum developed through the Emergency Number Systems Board TrainingStandards Committee. This training shall occur within 1 year of the datehired.

C. Personnel are to receive in-service training using curriculum developedthrough the Emergency Number System Training Standards Committee at intervalsestablished by the Board and communicated to all public safety answeringpoints.

D. Training shall include:

(1) Public safety answering point orientation; (2) Communicationsskills; (3) Electronic systems; (4) Policies and procedures; (5) Callprocessing; (6) Documentation; (7) Dispatch procedures; (8) Stressmanagement; (9) Public relations; (10) Administrative duties; and (11) Disasterand major incident training.