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For your information and convenience, thefollowing links are to summaries of the answers to questionscontained in the National Survey. Some questions in the surveymay be too lengthy or difficult to summarize. For specificinformation for those questions omitted from the summary, it willbe necessary for you to access the information by individualstate survey results.

2 What states have minimum telecommunicator training standards?
3 In the states that have minimum telecommunicator standards are they mandated, voluntary, and/or legislated by law?
4 What states are considering or are in the process of establishing telecommunicator training standards?
6 How many years did it take to establish standards?
8 What agency or regulatory board in your state is responsible for administering state telecommunicator training program standards?
9 How are telecommunicator training costs funded?
11 Do your state standards include telecommunicator hiring or selection standards?
13 What areas of public safety communications are included in state certification programs?
14 Does your state have different standards for call takers vs. dispatchers?
15 Within what time frame must a new telecommunicator receive certification?
16 Are there any “Grandfather Clause” provisions?
17 Does your state recognize telecommunicator training certification from other states?
18 Do your state telecommunicator training standards exempt PT Telecommunicators or Fill Ins, Law Enforcement, EMT’s?
19 Does your legislation have any provisions?
20 What methods are used to provide training?
21 What is the training curriculum?
22 Do your training standards contain a requirement for the establishment of Emergency Medical Dispatch Pre-Arrival instruction program?
23 Do requirements for state certification contain any other provisions such as minimum education, minimum age, minimum typing skills, ride along programs, etc.?
24 If a test is required for certification what percentage or score constitutes a passing grade?
25 Does your state offer provisional certification?
26 How long after passage of legislation did agencies have to be in compliance with telecommunicator training requirements?
27 Does your minimum state telecommunicator training program provide college credit?

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