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…………….primaryobjective as set forth above, any remaining fees in the EmergencyTelephone Number System Trust Fund may be used as grants tosupport 9-1-1 expenses in any county that has the access line feeset at $.50 per month and demonstrates that its overall E911system costs exceed the revenue from said access line fees, ormay be used for reimbursement loans to counties requiringassistance in the initial acquisition or upgrade of an enhanced9-1-1 system.

(e) A $.50 per month access feebe established on the bills for each cellular or mobile unitprogrammed for local telephone service anywhere in the State ofFlorida, and fees collected by the “TelecommunicationsCompany (ies)” as defined in

Section S._____, be distributedas follows:

(1) 1% retained by the companywhich collects the fee for administration:

(2) The remaining 99% of thecollected fees shall be distributed as follows:

(a) 80% remitted by the companyto the county (ies) wherein the fees are collected: and

(b) 20% remitted to the Stateof Florida, Emergency Telephone Number System Trust Fund.

(f) There is hereby created anEmergency Telephone Number System Trust Fund Policy Board. ThisEmergency Telephone Number System Trust Fund Policy Board shallbe appointed to serve a one year term each calendar year andshall consist of seven members as follows:

(a) One representative of theDivision of Communications, who shall serve as Policy Board Chairand shall………………………………..