9-1-1 Trainer’s Conference




 DATE: November 6, 2002

                                                              TIME: 10:00


 Place: Signature Inn
Columbus North
6767 Schrock Hill Court
Westerville, OH 43081


                                             LUNCH PROVIDED BY:




Quarterly Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2002 

The meeting was called to order by President Mel Meloy followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Meloy advised that the speaker, Cresha Auck from the American Heart Association was not present so Phil Ross with Ameritech spoke about a Customer Appreciation dinner that SBC will sponsor during the National Conference.  There will be a reception, dinner and the musical group Odyssey will perform.  Invitations will be sent out in the next couple of weeks.

Approval of Minutes:   Carol Armitage reported that E mailing the minutes is saving a considerable amount of money on mailings.  Tom Burkhart made a motion to approve the minutes.  Paul Emch seconded.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  President Meloy gave the Treasurer’s report.  Expenses were: $180.00 for the meeting room, $278.36 for mailings, and $350.00 for President’s Conference Registration.  Total expenses were $808.36.   Income was $92.00 meeting money, $2520.00 2001 Chapter Refund checks.  Total Income was $2612.00.  Checking Account balance is $632.18.   Savings Account balance is $3951.14.  $700.00 was transferred from savings to checking to cover expenses.  Ron Bien made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Greg Wenz seconded.  Motion carried. 

National Update:  Tricia Wilson reported that the Best Practices Conference will be held in St. Louis on November 3-4 at the downtown Marriot.  Allison Kingsley is the Conference Manager.  National Conference will be held in Indianapolis in June.  For information contact Allison Kingsley.  TDC will be in Orlando at the end of February or the first of March.  This will be the last year it is held in Orlando.  A search is being conducted for a new Director.  The Board met last weekend and decided to try to find someone themselves.  If they do not have any success the will begin a search process.  There probably won’t be a new Director by the time of the Conference.  Members who have not paid dues have been dropped.  Ohio had 47 members dropped.  Ohio now has 215 members, 170 active, 3 associate, 39 commercial and 3 lifetime members.  The membership drive ends today.  The winner gets a free trip to the National Conference.

President Meloy asked the members if anyone wanted to purchase an Ohio shirt for the Conference.  They are blue polo shirts and are $25.00 apiece.  If anyone is interested they are to contact Bo Keck after the meeting. 

District 1: Jackie McCague reported that Van Wert County is hosting a Surviving Stress Workshop on June 6 and 7.  Cost for the training is $100.

District 2: Wanda Steiner asked if there was anyone in attendance from Harris or Carroll Counties for an update on 9-1-1 status.  There was no response.  Columbiana County is pursuing a surcharge.  They will be receiving $400,000 from Ameritech.

District 3: Ron Bien reported that Hamilton County has been talking with Sprint preparing for Phase II.

District 4: Bo Keck reported that Vinton County was cutting over today.  Washington, Noble and Monroe should be sometime the first of next year.  Meigs is working on it.

Committee Reports:  Bylaws- Wanda Steiner reported that the National Office has approved our bylaw changes.  The bylaws will be posted on the website.  If anyone wants a hard copy they need to request it from the secretary.

Website- Linda Dunno advised anyone that wants something added to the website get it to her.

Card- Wanda Steiner advised that there haven’t been any requests for cards sent.

Booth – Linda Dunno reported that the Ohio Chapter will have a booth at the National Conference.  It will have a bi-centennial theme.  She asked for any Ohio made products for give aways.  Setup will be on Sunday from 8am to 8pm.  President Meloy asked for volunteers to work in the booth.  He asked for a motion to allow the committee to spend up to $500 on the booth.  Valerie DeRose made a motion, Paul Emch seconded.  Motion carried.

Gold Star – Greg Wenz reported that the annual Gold Star awards banquet was held April 3 at the Holiday Inn in Worthington.  160 people attended.  There were 47 nominees.  The first mailer for the 2003 awards will go out soon.  Greg passed around a list of PSAP’s and asked for corrections to be made.  Connie Harter from Mercer County was this years Gold Star recipient.  The team award went to Lorain County.  President Meloy thanked Greg for a job well done.  Greg also thanked all of the committee members who assisted.

State Conference – President Meloy reported that the 2003 Conference will be held April 6, 7 and 8 at the Holiday Inn in Worthington.  Danielle Howe is looking for volunteers for educational sessions.

Wireless Subcommittee – No report

Legislative – Ken Borrer reported that they are regrouping.  SB181 does not meet our needs.  The State Task Force formed a Wireless Subcommittee.  They asked Senator Meade to let SB181 die.  We want to reintroduce HB310.  PBX legislation is on hold.  John Georgiadis from PUCO inquired if NENA supports the State 9-1-1 Coordinator.  Ken advised that it is something they are looking at.  John has gotten the impression from Senator Meade that they want to have a Board and Coordinator yet this year. 

President Meloy advised that a Nomination Committee needs to be appointed.  According to the Bylaws this committee is to be headed by the Past President which is Bo Keck.  Two active members need to be appointed to serve on the committee with him.  Ron Bien and Greg Wenz volunteered.

Unfinished Business: Nothing reported

New Business: There was a discussion on Ameritech charging the PSAP’s for cell calls.  Pat Anderson with Ameritech stated that California is charging $.24 per call.  Tariffs will be filed in all SBC states.  A King County ruling states that some of the cost should be born by the PSAP’s.  Studies aren’t completed yet and no rates have been computed for our area.  John Georgiadis advised when tariffs are filed in Ohio he will E mail NENA. 

For the Good of the Organization: Summit County will again hold a Dispatcher Recognition Banquet.  The one last year was well received.

The next meeting will be August 7 at the Sanese Services Building on Schrock Rd.  There is a conflict with the Signature Inn.  There will be a Conference Committee Meeting following the Chapter Meeting.

President Meloy thanked Sprint for providing lunch.

Wanda Steiner made a motion for adjournment.  Paul Emch seconded.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Armitage, Secretary


Checking:     Balance $ 632.18    


Savings:         Balance $ 3951.14


Expenses–  $ 278.36     Mailings                          

                      180.00      Meeting Room

                      350.00      President’s                                                            




Total Expenses: $808.36


Income–       $ 92.00      Meeting Money

                     2520.00       2001 Chapter refund                           


Total Income: $2612.00


Below is new contact information for Cingular Wireless:

Craig Whisman, National Contact
Cingular Wireless
5565 Glenridge Connector
Glenridge Highlands II
Suite 830
Atlanta, GA 30342
P: 404-236-5844
[email protected]






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