Operations Standards

NENA’s 9-1-1 Center Operations Committee, comprised of several topic-specific committees, works year-long on the development of recommended 9-1-1 center model recommendations/standards and other operational information documents.

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While there are no required operating procedures for 9-1-1 on a national level, NENA model recommendations/standards give 9-1-1 centers the tools they need to maintain a consistent level of service and work in relation to their peers in neighboring counties/parishes and states/provinces/territories.

The work of the committees, in two structured document formats, will be posted here as a resource for NENA members and other 9-1-1 professionals.

9-1-1 Center Operations Committee Document Formats/Hierarchy

  • Model Recommendation/Standard Document:
    A structured, formal document prepared by one of the 9-1-1 Center Operations Committees; opportunity for comments by NENA members during a comment period; submitted to the NENA Executive Board for approval as a NENA model recommendation/standard; published by NENA as a model recommendation/standard. One could refer to the NENA operations model recommendations/standards on the NENA web site for a template.
  • Operations Information Document (OID):
    A structured, topic-specific document written to address one or more operations issues. Intended to be instructive with regard to how to address or respond to issues impacting 9-1-1 center operations. Prepared and reviewed by 9-1-1 Center Operations Committees but not intended to serve as a standard or model recommendation; widely distributed to the NENA membership. This paper is usually 10 to 15 pages and refers to practices or methods to assist individuals regarding specific 9-1-1 center Operations issues and/or identifies additional issues work proposed for creating model recommendations/standards.
  • Forms/Miscellaneous Documents:
    NENA developed forms to assist in center operations; prepared and/or recommended for use by 9-1-1 center operations subcommittees/study groups. Other papers that may assist 9-1-1 professionals regarding various operational issues.

Comments related to any documents may be submitted via email or by mail to NENA.

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