Notification of ERDB & VPC Operators of ESN Changes

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Procedures for Notification of ERDB and VPC Operators of ESN Changes by 9-1-1 Administrator

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This document was developed as a recommendation for distribution of ESN changes and additions initiated by 9-1-1 Administrators to ERDB, VPC and ESGW operators in the i-2 VoIP environment, which assumes the use of wireline ESNs for the routing of VoIP calls. Its primary goal is to set expectations and improve communications amongst the parties involved to facilitate the timely implementation of VoIP ESN changes and additions, thereby facilitating the proper routing of VoIP E9-1-1 calls. It also makes recommendations as to how to provide the GIS files that reflect the ESN addition or changes requested. This procedural recommendation will involve technical development work. As such, a short term recommendation is also outlined.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is staged to become the predominant technology used in the telecommunications industry. As the public adopts VoIP, E9-1-1 calls will increasingly come from VoIP users. NENA developed a view of migratory (i2) and long-term (i3) solutions to support location based routing of VoIP E9-1-1 calls to PSAPs.

The i2 solution (refer to NENA 08-001) makes use of a Validation Database (VDB) to ensure that civic location information representing VoIP end user locations is Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) valid and uses the Emergency Service Zone Routing Database (ERDB) function for real-time routing of 9-1-1 calls. NENA 02-013 outlines the functionality of the VDB and ERDB.

This document recommends a procedure for 9-1-1 Administrators to follow to insure appropriate and timely notification to Emergency Routing Database (ERDB) Operators, VoIP Positioning Center (VPC) Operators and Emergency Services Gateway Operators (ESGW) of Emergency Service Number (ESN) addition and changes so they can appropriately update their databases. Typically, ESN changes in the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) only generate record updates to the ALI and the selective routing databases. VPC, ERDB and ESGW Operators need to know whenever the ESN to Emergency Services Query Key (ESQK) relationship changes in order to make the required changes to their associated databases.

This document suggests an electronic interface be developed as part of the VDB that would allow 9-1-1 Administrators to self-report ESN changes that would be electronically shared with the ERDB and VPC Operators. VPC operators would, in turn, share the information with the ESGW Operators. Because the proposed solution would involve technical development a short-term solution is also outlined. Additionally, this document offers guidance on how a 9-1-1 Administrator will supply ESN Geographic Information System (GIS) information to the ERDB and VPCs.

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Operations – Next Generation Integration – NGI

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