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PSAP Survivability Operations Information

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This document is intended as a guide for PSAP staff to review the many components of their system continuity and disaster plans. It is also intended as a guide for training, testing and reevaluating the PSAPs ability to react to a disaster situation, which may adversely impact their ability to serve their communities. It is recommended that all contingency plans be coordinated with appropriate Emergency management authorities. This document is not intended as a template, but as a process guide.

This document is provided to assist Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) with the development of a PSAP survivability program. This PSAP survivability document is meant to be used in conjunction with other Contingency Planning Documents to assist the PSAP to better prepare for and react to a disaster situation with the end goal being that the PSAP remains operational. Every PSAP is unique and this document should be used as a starting point in disaster recovery planning.

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Operations – Contingency Planning

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