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Add Your Voice to “The Voice of 9-1-1!” NENA’s leadership team represents our diverse membership, and collectively, the 9-1-1 industry. NENA is an organization dedicated to saving lives through the improvement of 9-1-1 services in North America, and beyond. We are committed to making a difference through our work and our collective 9-1-1 association—NENA.

We bring…
Value to our industry
Value to our
Value to our organization

Membership in NENA represents the ultimate way in which to increase your knowledge as a 9-1-1 industry professional.  Scanning through the NENA Web Site will give you a glimpse of the many benefits we offer NENA members. Your membership investment return begins immediately upon enrollment:

  • Educational courses and books
  • Professional certification (ENP)
  • NENA’s many national and state-level conferences and forums
  • Technical standards to use in your workplace
  • Operational standards/best practices
  • National legislative/regulatory advocacy
  • Other tools to help you in your profession every day

Also, when you join you get a full year subscription to Emergency Number Professional magazine!

Your return on investment will exceed your expectations! Apply for membership today using NENA’s secure Online Membership Application form, or download an Adobe PDF version to print and fax or mail in. NENA membership is based on the calendar year and all memberships expire December 31 of the year joined unless payment is received after October 1, in which case your membership will be valid through December 31 of the following year. All members automatically become members of their local NENA chapter if one exists (10% of dues paid goes to support your local chapter).

Membership Categories— All memberships are individual

$120 Public Sector/Government Voting Member People employed by, or appointed or elected to a government or quasi-government agency who are or have been responsible for some aspect of design, promotion, construction, installation, maintenance, command and/or operation of public safety emergency communications systems, including those who have retired from such positions.

$150 Private Sector/Commercial Voting Member People who provide products and services related to public safety emergency systems and the public safety emergency communications field, including both for-profit and non-profit organizations, and including those who have retired from such positions.

$75 Emergency Dispatcher People who are certified, engaged in, employed as, or retired from non-management and non-supervisory positions, including call-takers, who wish to further their career in the emergency communications industry and support the goals and objectives of NENA. *This is a non-voting membership category with restrictions.

$75 Associate People who are not eligible for public sector or private sector membership but who wish to support the goals and objectives of NENA. *This is a non-voting membership category with restrictions.