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NENA offers terrific advertising opportunities which allow you to reach thousands of 9-1-1 professionals throughout North America and beyond. Print publications include The Emergency Number Professional Magazine and the NENA Annual Membership Directory. NENA Internet advertising includes two options for Commercial Advertising and an option for Employment Postings–NENA members receive a 50% discount for Employment Postings! Scroll down for more information on NENA’s advertising venues.

How to Post Your Job Opening

Posting your job opening on the NENA web site is easier than ever!  Remember, your job posting should be fewer than 300 words; we’re sorry, but logos and graphics may not be included.  However, feel free to add email links or hot links to your agency/company web site, and we’ll be happy to include them.  If you have questions, please email or call Allison at NENA, 614.834.1226

Please note:  There are NENA Member and non-member rates for posting your job ad.  The NENA Member rate is half-off and is just $25/month.  The member rate applies if any representative from your company or public safety agency is a member of NENA.  Be sure to note the member’s name on your order form.  (The non-member rate is $50/month.  A month is, for example, March 14-April 14.)

Simply visit our Online Job Posting Form, complete the required information, click the “Submit” button, and then email your ad copy to [email protected]. You will be invoiced at the name and address on the form.

Positions sought should be emailed to Allison and will be posted free of charge.

Online Web Advertising Application and Buyers Guide
Your company or organization has the opportunity to reach 9-1-1 industry professionals everywhere by advertising on the NENA web site. NENA’s site is constantly being updated and revised to make it the most up-to-date source for 9-1-1 information. We have also integrated our web site into our overall operations and have referenced it more than ever! The NENA web site receives unprecedented numbers of visitor sessions from NENA members and other public safety professionals. And world-wide presence is easy when you advertise on the NENA web site at! For the low monthly rates noted below, viewers across the USA and beyond will see your name on the pages of NENA’s web site. Send in your order and ad now!

With a shelf life of 12 months, the NENA Membership Directory lets you reach 9-1-1 professionals over and over again–for one low price!  The NENA Membership Directory offers 4-color advertising opportunities and is published annually in July. In addition to NENA membership listings, the Directory includes the NENA Constitution & Bylaws, Executive Board, Volunteer Committees, state relay service numbers, and more!

For Advertising Information for the NENA Membership Directory, please call Allison Leonard at 614.834.1226. 


 Emergency Number Professional Magazine

Advertising. The Emergency Number Professional Magazine is a high-quality, four-color magazine reaching industry decision-makers in 9-1-1 centers across the United States and internationally. The magazine is published bimonthly throughout the year.  The June/July issue is our “Trade Show” issue.

Editorial Calendar:   While NENA does design an editorial focus calendar in advance, these topics are subject to change.  As the only association dedicated solely to the technical and managerial issues in 9-1-1, NENA is committed to educating and informing our members and their peers in the industry about the most up-to-date and critical issues and concerns in 9-1-1.

Plan early to get the most of your advertising dollar. NENA offers great discounts for multiple insertions.

For Advertising Information for Emergency Number Professional Magazine, please contact Bert Vazquez at CTI Publishing, 215-230-9556 or email [email protected].

 How Do I Post My RFP?

Getting your Request for Proposal or Request for Information posted on the NENA web site is easy!  Just follow these few guidelines, then complete the Online RFP Posting Form or email your completed posting to [email protected]

  • Please submit a brief version of your Request for Proposal, 300-500 words is ideal.  If your RFP/RFI is an Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word document, send a summary version plus your document and we will post them both.  You may also try referring readers to your office to receive the complete version, with all your specifications. If your complete RFP is on your web site, be sure to include the URL and we will be happy to provide a link.  

  • Remember to include contact information for you/your office, including at least name, agency/company, phone number, and email address.  Respondents are required to contact your office directly (not NENA headquarters).

  • Don’t forget to tell us when you would like your posting placed on the site, and when you would like it removed.

  • We will try to post your RFP in as close a format as possible to the copy you email us.  However, try to keep formatting to a minimum to ensure that readers can easily find the information they need to respond.

  • We’re sorry, but no images or logos can be included on the RFP page.

If you have questions about posting your Request for Proposal on the NENA web site, please call NENA Headquarters at (800) 332-3911.