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                                 [print on city/county stationary]



 To: South Carolina CMRS Providers

Through: Budget and Control Board, Office of Information Resources

From:  X County/City PSAPs/ E911 System

Re: Notification of Readiness and Request for CMRS Phase 1, Enhanced 911 Services


Pursuant to the FCC Report and Order in Docket #94-102, this is to notify you that the PSAP’s, the E911 System, in  X county/city are ready for Phase 1 Enhanced 911 CMRS services, and hereby request said Phase 1, ANI, P-ANI and selective routing, services from your company if it  now, or in the future, provides CMRS services to subscribers within the county/ city of  _____________________.

Further, this is to authorize and request the Budget and Control Board, Office of Information Resources, to send this Notification and Request to all South Carolina CMRS providers, on behalf of this city/county.

Please contact me at [address] or [phone number] to discuss your company’s providing Phase 1 services to this city/county or if you have any questions.



                                                                                           911 Coordinator for                                                                                                                        County/City                                                                                                                                           `