Combined Centers-Fire/Police/EMS


Combined Centers-Fire/Police/EMS

From: David Pierce, OCFA-Ca.
Date: 10 Dec 1997
Time: 09:19:05
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Perhaps you could direct me again to a source for information.Our center is a Fire/EMS Dispatch Center. Due to the age of thebuildings and amount of available space, we are consideringlooking into moving our equipment/personnel to a newer facilitythat is currently run by the Sheriff’s Dept. Can you direct me toany information (objective) relative to Law/Fire/EMS PSAP’s? Ihave visited many and it seems like there are always numerousconflicts. The concept being approached in ours is that it wouldbe two differently administered facilities, under the same roof.Fire/EMS dispatchers working for the Fire Authority with thecurrent Law folks remaining under the Sheriff. Any comments?