Emergency Services IP Network Design for NG9-1-1

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Emergency Services IP Network Design for NG9-1-1 (ESIND)

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NOTE: NENA 08-XXX, Version 1, is continuing to be developed by the ESIND WG.

Many 9-1-1 Entities have built, are building, or will build in the near future an Emergency Services network to connect the PSAPs in their region. The effort and expense required to build these regional facilities is significant. What steps can be taken today to ensure that these regional IP networks will be able to transport traffic for NG9-1-1(?) functions (i.e. ECRF, ESRP, etc.) when those services become more readily available? What are some of the major design considerations that should be taken into account? What are some of the caveats, limitations, and advantages of the various technologies? The purpose of this document is to provide the 9-1-1 Entities with the tools (i.e. design methodologies, best practices, templates for ESInet RFI and RFP, etc.) that will enable them to design and deploy networks today that will be capable of meeting the requirements of an NG9-1-1 system.


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Technical – VoIP/Packet

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