Operations Committee Organization & Process

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Operations Committee Organization, Document Development & Approval Process

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The purpose of this document is to describe the Operations Committee, delineate its organization, and define the processes required for the Committee operations and document development.

This document was revised May 4, 2010, to add detail for the Operations Committee use of Operations Reference Documents (ORD).

The overall purpose of NENA’s Operations Committee is two-fold:

  • First, to improve delivery and administration of emergency communications services by offering a body of model procedures and standards, developed by public safety and emergency response practitioners, covering a wide range of issues.
  • Second, using the promulgated NENA standards, establish a process for member agencies to “benchmark” their operations against approved NENA Operations Committee standards with the goal of enhanced professionalism and agency PSAP accreditation.

This document defines the operational organization and processes NENA has established for identifying, defining and solving operational issues related to the people, processes and programs related to deployment, delivery and provision of emergency services. The latter includes suggested protocols, call answering methodologies and other operations-centric elements.

Further, this document clearly defines roles and responsibilities of individuals and committees involved in the development, review and approval process for NENA Operations Committee documents, such as Operations Standards and Operations Information Documents.This document also describes the Organizational Procedures that apply to the NENA Operations Committees. These Procedures have been developed to assist leadership, participants and administrators with understanding the processes of the NENA Operations Committees involved in defining requirements and developing NENA standards for the public safety industry.

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