Managers Guide to the ADA

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Managers Guide to the ADA Title II: Direct Access

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The Managers Guide to the ADA: Title II, Direct Access standard is a tool designed to assist managers in bringing PSAPs into compliance with the ADA. Utilizing this standard will enhance the quality of service provided to the public, including the estimated 28 million people in the United States who have hearing loss.

It is important to remember that the DOJ is the only agency that can determine if the PSAP is in compliance. Therefore, the elements within this standard are to be viewed as “minimum standards” and agencies are encouraged to seek additional information or advice, in addition to this standard.

The ADA requires an agency to conduct periodic self-evaluations of programs, polices, and services to ensure equal access to citizens with disabilities. The Managers Guide to the ADA: Title II, Direct Access standard is a valuable tool to facilitate this by providing information on the following elements:

  • Self Evaluation
  • Equipment and Network
  • Operations
  • Communication Officer Training
  • Outreach to people with disabilities
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Operations – Accessibility

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