Wireless 9-1-1 Overflow, Default and Diverse Routing

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Wireless E9-1-1 Overflow, Default and Diverse Routing Operational Standard

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The NENA Wireless Overflow, Default and Diverse routing recommendations document was developed to provide guidance in the routing development associated with wireless Phase I and Phase II deployment efforts. This document provides recommended terminology definitions, describes each call routing scenario, and associated routing recommendations.

Implementation of these recommendations will foster consistent operational standards across wireless E9-1-1 systems. In addition this document establishes definitions for the call routing scenarios to foster a common understanding and use of terms between PSAPs and Wireless Service Providers as the wireless deployment is being planned.

Use of this document will:

  • Foster a common understanding of terms used in the deployment of wireless service for the associated call routing scenarios.
  • Foster increased communication regarding wireless call routing options in the planning of wireless 9-1-1 deployments
  • Foster a common set of standards to be applied to wireless 9-1-1 call routing scenarios
  • Provide guidance to switch vendors regarding desired operational attributes of MSC’s.
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Operations – Next Generation Integration – NGI

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