Resolving ANI/ALI Discrepancies & NRFs

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NENA Technical Standard for Reporting and Resolving ANI/ALI Discrepancies and No Records Found for Wireline, Wireless and VoIP Technologies

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02-015 v1

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This NENA document sets forth standards for PSAP jurisdictions, Access Infrastructure Providers (AIP), Service Providers and Data Base Management System Providers (DBMSPs) in reporting and resolving discrepancies that occurred during a 9-1-1 call. These processes are meant to standardize ANI/ALI Trouble and “No Record Found” reporting to facilitate their timely resolution. An ANI/ALI Trouble is defined as a wrong ANI, no ANI or an ALI Discrepancy, which includes “No Record Found”. This document takes into account all the technologies available for 9-1-1 calls to date. Due to the various ways these technologies deliver 9-1-1 calls to PSAPs, there are various timelines for resolution of discrepancies.

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Technical – Data

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